Tallest Mass Effect Characters, Ranked


  • Mass Effect
    features a diverse range of species with varying heights, from small Volus to towering Krogans.
  • Characters like Garrus, Mordin, and Grunt showcase impressive heights, impacting their combat styles and personalities.
  • Height is a key physical trait defining characters like Legion, Nihlus, and Wrex, adding depth to their roles in the series.

As players venture deep into the galaxy and hop between planets during their time in the Mass Effect games, they’ll come across a wide range of different species who all vary differently in their appearance. Though there are some who can barely reach the size of an average human, such as the Volus for example, there are others who tend to be a lot taller. Still, in a universe where anyone is able to receive biotic and genetic enhancements, it’s also very easy for a regular person to make themselves much bigger if they so wish.


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Either way, there have been plenty of individuals throughout the series who have stood out for their tall stature, some of whom will use it to their advantage while in combat, while others prefer to take more of a supporting role. For anyone wondering who really stands the tallest out of the cast, these are the biggest Mass Effect characters ever seen throughout the series.

7 Legion

Height: 6′ 6″

Legion speaking with Shepard in a red room

Everyone’s favorite AI companion has quite an intimidating appearance, not only because of the large glowing beam which emanates from his face, but also due to his size. At 6 feet 6 inches, Legion towers over most humans in the series, just like all the other Geth, but this doesn’t mean he or other members of his kind look down on them. In fact, Legion states on numerous occasions that he has great respect for humans, even Shepard, who was responsible for turning thousands of Geth into scrap metal throughout the first game.

Legion goes through quite an emotional character arc throughout the second and third game, with it even being suggested that he starts becoming fully sentient after exploring the galaxy first-hand alongside Shepard and the crew. It’s hard not to love Legion after sharing a few conversations with him, but there’s no doubt he can come across as quite scary at first glance.

6 Nihlus Kyrik

Height: 6′ 7″

Nihlus standing in a deserted planet

Nihlus only makes a brief appearance during the first mission of Mass Effect, but he provides a good introduction to the Turians. His stern get-it-done attitude is a perfect representation of how militaristic and determined the Turians are when it comes to completing a mission, but he also provides a clear example of what the Turians look like. Nihlus towers over both Shepard and Anderson upon meeting them for the first time, which makes sense since he’s considered to be fairly tall, even among his own kind.


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Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Saren to apprehend and kill Nihlus after catching up to him on Eden Prime as part of his devious plan. It was clear from the moment he arrived that Nihlus was helping Shepard and the crew for his own mysterious reasons, but no one could have expected he would end up meeting his untimely fate at the hands of the game’s main villain in the very first mission.

5 Garrus

Height: 6′ 8″

Garrus sitting down

Garrus usually prefers to hang back and pick off enemies from a distance, but if an enemy Geth, Collector, or even a Krogan gets too close, he won’t hesitate to beat them down, which is pretty easy given his size. At almost 7 feet tall, it’s fair to say Garrus can come across as quite menacing to those who don’t know him, but in reality, he’s an incredibly kind and considerate member of Shepard’s crew who values loyalty above all else.

Though he started off working in C-Sec on the Citadel, Garrus became infuriated with how slow they were working to resolve crimes and ended up taking the law into his own hands. This resulted in him becoming Archangel, a bounty hunter who vowed to clean up the streets of Omega with nothing but his trusty sniper rifle. During this time, he tried to hide his identity with a mask and bulky suit of armor, but anyone who knew Garrus was immediately able to tell it was him just from his size alone.

4 Mordin Solus

Height: 6′ 10″

Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 2

Salarians are known for being tall, but this especially applies to Mordin, who is bigger than most other members of Shepard’s crew and almost reaches the same size as the Krogan. Unlike the Krogan, though, Mordin has a long and lanky stature rather than being big and bulky, which makes him rather ill-suited for close encounters. Therefore, he usually prefers to freeze and burn his enemies from a safe distance while supporting his allies rather than getting his own hands dirty.

After his involvement in creating the Genophage, Mordin would go on a personal journey of redemption where he’s forced to wrestle with his feelings of guilt and regret. Players are given the chance to decide whether Mordin gets to make up for the devastation he’s caused to the Krogan, or if he deserves to perish for what he’s done, making for some morally complex choices which can be quite brutal to answer.

3 Grunt

Height: 7′ 2″

Grunt looking up at the sky on Tuchanka

Grunt was designed to be the perfect Krogan who was supposed to retain all the species’ best qualities. As a result, he’s hard-headed, stubborn, strong, and very tall, being the largest Mass Effect 2 squad member by quite a large margin. Though he does come equipped with a shotgun, Grunt will gladly use his intimidating physical stature to deal with his enemies as he charges in head-first, pummeling anyone who dares to get in his way.


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In fact, Grunt could even be considered more dangerous than a regular Krogan since he didn’t receive a proper upbringing, meaning he often struggles to control his violent tendencies. Grunt does eventually learn what it means to be a Krogan after paying a visit to Tuchanka with Shepard and completing his coming of age ritual, but he’ll still make quick work of anyone that stands between him and his mission.

2 Urdnot Wrex

Height: 7′ 4″

Urdnot Wrex

Just like how Nahtilus was the player’s first introduction to the Turians, the same can be said for Wrex, who is the first Krogan who shows up in the story. He may be known for being more negotiable than his fellow Krogan, but Wrex is still capable of flattening anyone who decides to get on his bad side, thanks to his enormous size. Because Krogan are rarely ever seen roaming around the Citadel, it means that when Wrex does appear there in the first game, he looks like a literal giant compared to all the other inhabitants.

This size makes him extremely durable in combat while also being the perfect counter to the enemy Krogan soldiers, who can be a nightmare to deal with because of how much they like to charge. Wrex is one of the most interesting Krogans in the entire series who genuinely wants to seek out a peaceful future for his people, but this shouldn’t suggest that he’s above crushing his opponents when he needs to.

1 Shadow Broker

Height: 8′

The Shadow Broker with a room behind him

The Shadow Broker is referenced a lot in the first game as being a mysterious and shady black market dealer who funds the majority of criminal activities that take place across the galaxy. Though he doesn’t physically appear in that game, players get the chance to meet him in the flesh during the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. The most noticeable aspect of the Shadow Broker is his enormous size and stocky frame, which makes him extremely hard to take down.

During his battle, he will take a note out of the Krogan’s book and occasionally charge head-first at the player, but he’s also capable of using a shield to defend himself from enemy attacks too. While he may be known across the galaxy as a powerful businessman, the Shadow Broker proved to Shepard and Liara that he’s also more than willing to throw his weight around if someone threatens to expose his criminal activities.

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