Pokemon GO Announces Return of Sustainability Week


  • Pokemon GO has announced Sustainability Week 2024.
  • The fourth edition of the Earth Day-commemorating event will run from April 22 through April 26.
  • Special eggs, Field Research tasks, potentially shiny Pokemon, and Collection Challenges will be part of the event, among other limited-time content.

Pokemon GO has announced a new edition of Sustainability Week. The upcoming Pokemon GO event will kick off on Monday, April 22.

The annual happening is Niantic’s way of commemorating Earth Day in its hit mobile game. The practice started with Pokemon GO Sustainability Week 2021.


April 17 and 22 Are Going to Be Huge Days for Pokemon GO

Niantic teases massive updates coming soon to Pokemon GO, with fans wanting to mark April 17 and April 22 on their calendars specifically.

Pokemon GO Sustainability Week 2024 Boasts a Bunch of Buddy Bonuses

The San Francisco-based developer has now officially announced the fourth edition of the event. As is tradition, Sustainability Week 2024 will start on Earth Day and run for five days straight. Its exact start and end times are from April 22 at 10am to April 26 at 8pm, both local times. During this period, buddy mons in Pokemon GO will bring presents and souvenirs with increased frequency, on top of staying on the overworld map for longer after being fed Poffins or Berries. The event will also facilitate the process of developing relationships with one’s buddies by virtue of halving the distance required for earning buddy hearts.

5 Pokemon Will Star in the Event, All With Shiny Chances

Sustainability Week 2024 will also temporarily rotate the contents of some Pokemon GO eggs. Specifically, 2km eggs obtained during the upcoming five-day period will have a chance to hatch Combee, Drilbur, Trubbish, Foongus, and Binacle. Foongus will additionally be encounterable in the wild for the duration of the event, while encounters with the other four mons will also be available as rewards for completing limited-time Field Research tasks. All five of these event creatures will have a chance to be shiny.

New Collection Challenges Are Coming to Pokemon GO

The late April promo will also feature a number of themed Collection Challenges, which will reward Stardust and XP. Although Niantic did not elaborate on the matter, its track record indicates that these tasks will be centered on catching certain mons relevant to Earth Day. Only the 2022 edition of Sustainability Week featured this sort of content, having challenged players to catch Cherubi, Grimer, Weepinbell, Gloom, Trubbish, and Grotle. However, that task was encompassed in a single quest, whereas the wording Niantic used in its Sustainability Week 2024 announcement suggests the upcoming event will feature multiple Collection Challenges.

More PokeStop Showcases Are Also on the Horizon

The event will also comprise some limited-time PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GO. These will allow trainers to enter event-themed Pokemon, which are yet to be listed by Niantic but most likely include the aforementioned mon quintet that will be featured in 2km eggs and Field Research tasks. The start of Sustainability Week 2024 will coincide with the release of the “Rediscover Your World” update, which will revamp the game’s encounter screen, map, and background.

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