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In Oaxaca, governor works on new security strategy

Since the beginning of the Oaxacan spring, work has been done on a new security strategy to recover peace and tranquility in all communities of Oaxacasupported by the construction of a new social pact, which this day enters a consolidation phase in accordance with the national security strategystated Governor Salomón Jara Cruz.

Within the framework of the presentation of the Program to strengthen Public Security of Oaxaca announced that institutional efforts will focus on the 25 municipalities identified with the highest crime incidenceworking in coordination with municipal authorities.

​These municipalities are found in five regions: Central Valleys, the Papaloapan Basin, the Mixteca, the Isthmus and the Coast.

“The reinforcement of The strategy will have four axes: The first is attention to the causes, well-being and social peace; the second, better police and municipal coordination command in public security; The third is intelligence and justice, and finally, the fourth axis is the legal and financial framework.”

The Oaxacan president pointed out that peace is the result of justice, consequently, the first axis will concentrate a series of actions and programs to generate opportunities; to offer options for use of time through artculture and sports; and to encourage culture of peace.

“The second axis recognizes the importance of our police being well prepared and having the best conditions to do their work and that their work in the territory is carried out in a coordinated manner between the different corporations, to be more effective in the reaction and the operation, always observing a unrestricted respect for human rights”.

Jara Cruz explained that, with the third axis, the use of technology of the latest generation to enhance the results of the intelligence work.

Additionally, will promote whistle blowing culture and the combat of the cyber crimesso that Oaxacans can make free and beneficial use of new technologies.

Regarding the regulatory framework, the state executive pointed out that work is being done to update it and a anti-corruption policy.

“We are sure that with these strengthening actions and hand in hand with the people we will continue to advance in the transformation of Oaxaca until we achieve peace and tranquility for all Oaxacan families,” concluded Governor Salomón Jara Cruz.


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