The Best Sable Wards Cosmetics in Dead By Daylight


  • Sable Ward is the Queen of fashion in Dead by Daylight, with a variety of cool cosmetics for fans to enjoy.
  • Some of Sable’s skins lack excitement, but Forest Grrrl and Leather Firebrand offer unique and stylish options.
  • The Drowned Angel and Poisoned Angel skins give Sable a fresh 80s goth flair with striking color schemes.

Dead by Daylight has thrived in popularity and success for so long in spite of its notoriety for bugs and lack of balance, mostly due to the entertainment value, but also the amount of content that prevents the game from turning stale. Both Killer and Survivor rosters boast plentiful licensed and original characters, with more always joining.

One of the latest Survivors to enter the fog is Sable Ward, a friend to Mikaela Reid who willingly ventured into the Entity’s Realm in order to find her friend, and did so in great style. It’s common consensus among fans that Sable is the Queen of fashion, with the coolest cosmetics from across the entire game.


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12 Rose-Tinted Grrrl

An Abundance Of White Washes Sable Out

Dead by Daylight Sable Ward Rose-Tinted Grrrl Cosmetic

A true and untainted recolor of her base skin, Rose-Tinted Grrrl adds some red and white to her outfit. While these colors are a staple among goths as much as black, combining these two colors with her white hair may not be the most flattering look for Sable, as there is just too much white in this look.

The red top and corset are a nice touch, as it offers a more copacetic look than some of her other looks, but it does not look as flattering with her white skirt. If Sable had different colored hair, or a darker skirt, this cosmetic could be saved, but as it stands, it is just too bright for the resident gloomy Survivor.

11 Rebel Grrrl

As it is a Base Recolor, it Lacks Originality

Dead by Daylight Sable Ward Rebel Grrrl Cosmetic

Every Survivor gains recolors of their base outfit, with some adding more excitement than others. Rebel Grrrl is a very basic reskin that doesn’t differ much from her base outfit, with only very minor tweaks to the color scheme.

The Rebel Grrrl outfit favors shades of gray and black and is nice enough to look at, and certainly suits this new goth girl Survivor. But, when combined with some of her cosmetics, especially those that aren’t just recolors, most players would likely pass this one up in favor of others. It is not a bad cosmetic by any means, it just lacks any real excitement.

10 Midnight Grrrl

A Common Skin That Isn’t Overly Unique

Dead by Daylight Sable Ward Midnight Grrrl Cosmetic

As a common skin, Midnight Grrrl won’t cost survivors too many of their precious iridescent shards or auric cells because it is a basic recolor. With that said, this look adds cool blue sleeves and flashes of vibrant pink to her otherwise dark and plain skirt.

This splash of color helps to add some unique vibrancy to Sable’s look, but it simply isn’t as eye-catching as other skins, and feels like they were added at the last-minute just so it couldn’t be so easily mistaken for her base skin. But, at least it stands out more than other looks in her catalog.

9 Base Skin

The Bread and Butter Skin That is Free and Inspired Recolors

Dead by Daylight Sable's Base Skin

Sable’s first public appearance in the game’s official art and trailers showed her in this outfit, featuring a torn black skirt, black corset, and dark grey-blue sleeves, giving her a casual goth look that excited many Dead by Daylight fans who had been requesting an alt Survivor for the longest time. Fashion has a surprisingly big part to play in the game, as players like the opportunity to express themselves through characters, or even wear dark, neutral colors to better blend in with the environment.


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The base cosmetic for Sable is nice enough, with a cohesive color palette that helps her hair stand out more, making Sable truly unique among other Survivors. While there are better skins players can purchase, it certainly isn’t her worst look by any means.

8 Forest Grrrl

Adds a Witchy Twist to Her Base Look

Dead by Daylight Forest Grrrl

As someone who will be toughing it out among fields and forests, the Forest Grrrl cosmetic is one that is certainly fitting for her adventures in the fog. The green sleeves and brown additions to her otherwise black cosmetic add a witch-like look to her outfit, perhaps inspired by her friendship with the resident witch of the fog, Mikaela Reid.These colors can help her blend more into her surroundings, and offer a refreshing palette swap compared to her base look. For those looking for a fresh take to the popular alt Survivor, this is a great option.

7 Vicious Splendor

An Unusually Bright and Vibrant Cosmetic

Dead by Daylight Vicious Splendor

There are basic color swaps for Sable’s skins, and then there are ones that take the base silhouette and include a few more additions to make it more unique. Vicious Splendor is one such cosmetic that takes her partial lace corset and exchanges it for a full solid piece with black and white stripes to make it stand out more.

Exchanging the black and gray colors with bright blue and purple also makes this cosmetic stand out more, which does increase how visible they are on the map to other Survivors, but also the Killer. Also, these two colors don’t work as well together as they might with others, but players can mix and match to make this outfit more cohesive.

6 Defiant Splendor

While There Are Some Cool Edges to this Outfit, the Color Combo Doesn’t Work

Dead by Daylight Defiant Splendor

A recolor of Sable’s base cosmetic with a few minor unique edits, Defiant Splendor brings some more of her cool edge, but is hampered mostly due to the color of the shirt under her corset. The ripped leggings are a nice touch, as though she has already weathered several trials, and the black and white corset add a bit of a rockabilly aesthetic, but the yellow and teal color combo of the shirt and skirt somewhat clash.

So, while this cosmetic set has a few edges over other recolors, the color scheme isn’t the most appealing, and may be too loud if trying to avoid detection of the killer. But as it is unlinked, players can mix and match parts of this set should they wish.

5 Fierce Splendor

A More Detailed Version of Sable’s Original Look

Dead by Daylight Fiere Splendor

For those who are tired of the same old skirt and top combo but don’t want to shell out for the more expensive skins, Fierce Splendor is here to save the day. It continues the trait of the tattered skirt and corset option, with a dark purple top, solid black corset, and a black skirt with a blue decal to the side, it stands out as more unique than other color swaps.

Simple, stylish and understated, it remains original enough to make anyone who has it equipped stand out. On top of that, the dark color scheme really helps Sable’s pale hair pop more.


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4 Drowned Angel

Breaking Away from Sable’s Conventional Outfits

Dead by Daylight Drowned Angel

For Sable fans wanting a wholly unique look, there is the Drowned Angel look that completely changes her hair, shirt, and switches out her skirt and Converses for trousers and boots, giving her a 80s goth vibe.

There are two variants of this outfit, the Drowned Angel injects more pink into her hair, and sees her donning a white crop shirt with low rise blue and black pinstripe pants. While not everyone will be a fan of her more poofy hair-cut, there is no denying this outfit stands out more, thanks to completely changing pieces of her basic outfits and the complementary color scheme.

3 Poisoned Angel

One of the Best Color Schemes Yet

Dead by Daylight Poisoned Angel

Like the Drowned Angel skin, Poisoned Angel brings back the 80s goth flair with the fluffed out hairdo, but changes the color scheme to one that is much more stylish and true to Sable’s gothic aesthetic.

Now, Sable’s black and white shirt colors are inverted and her trousers are red rather than blue. Also, the pink has been removed from her hair, which works better with her black and red color scheme. This outfit is sure to turn heads in the trial, but there is better yet to come.

2 Leather Hellion

A Look That Exudes Coolness and Edge

Dead by Daylight Leather Hellion

Be bold and brilliant in the leather sets for Sable. Teased in official artwork prior to the games release, the Leather Hellion look brings a wholly unique and rebel-punk look to Sable, giving her a mini-skirt, thigh high buckled stockings, a leather jacket, and a woollen hood with spikes and ears.

This entire skin forms a cohesive look with the black and white blending well together and the small cut on her thigh gives her a ragged look, as though she has survived and escaped a trial against a Killer already. Now, Sable is ready for battle.


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1 Leather Firebrand

An Upgraded Version of Leather Hellion

Dead by Daylight Leather Firebrand

Fiery in name and nature, Leather Firebrand takes the Leather Hellion look and upgrades it. Now, instead of black and white, it’s black and red, adding another layer of rebellion to it. It maintains the same pieces, just with an overhauled color scheme.

Not only has most of the white been replaced by a deep red color, the white that does remain is not just a plain color, but a black and white checkered pattern, a small detail that is easy to miss, but shows that great care was taken when designing this look. This is by far the best Sable skin players can rock, and what’s more, the individual pieces look fantastic when mixed and matched with other cosmetic items.

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