The 10 best cities for 2024 – Where does Athens rank?

If you’re already planning a trip for the new year, the top 100 list has just been published cities in the world. The winning 3 consists of London – despite Brexit – Paris and New York, while the top 10 include four cities from the Asian continent, four from Europe and two from the USA.

For those interested, Athens is in 48th place on the Resonance Consultancy list, which selects the 100 best from a total of 270 cities with a population of over one million inhabitants. The results are based on scores regarding the daily lives of its residents, how loveable it is, and whether or not it promotes their well-being.

In addition, dozens of other factors are factored in, such as education level, GDP per capita, poverty rate, number of quality restaurants, shops and nightclubs, walkability, number of mapped bike paths, parks and museums, and number of of their recommendations on websites such as Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook and Instagram. The 10 best, according to Daily Mailare as follows:

The Crown in London

And the title goes to London, the “capital of capitals”, which “reigns above all the world’s cities”. As the study behind the list explains, it is the most sustainable and the most lovable mecca, with a high culture and educational level, but also a special culinary scene in recent years.

Next up is super-splendid Paris

It is the City of Light and love in every corner, but the things that gave it the title again this year are the reopening of Notre Dame, the 250 million euro renovation of Charles de Gaulle airport, the creation of sidewalks everywhere and of course the Olympic Games next summer.

The melting pot of peoples is New York

“The city is back,” reads the report, praising the renaissance of New York’s art scene, its many museums and, of course, the increase in greenery along its bustling streets.

Shopping in Tokyo

It is one of the most vibrant metropolises in the world, surpassing all others when it comes to boutique and luxury shopping.

The very modern Singapore

Excellent cuisine and shopping for all tastes are what have increased travelers to its lands in recent years, writes Resonance Consultancy.

Burst of growth in Dubai

Metro railway among glass skyscrapers in Dubai. Traffic on street in Dubai. Museum of the Future in Dubai. Cityscape skyline. Urban background.

Dubai continues its epic climb onto the world stage as a place of opulence and vibrancy at the same time offering everything from endless shopping to dancing fountains and indoor ski parks.

The San Francisco of technology

For those looking for the best job opportunities, these are in San Francisco, where it is considered the right place for start-up businesses, while offering high salaries and professional environments of high standards.

Lovely Barcelona

Iconic parks and impressive architecture along with golden sandy beaches that weather permitting visitors can visit all year round make Barcelona, ​​apart from being a vibrant city, the most lovable among the rest.

Amsterdam at night

No matter how many attempts have been made to move the famous red light street to Amsterdam and close the coffee shops that offer what other cities cannot the Dutch capital will be a top destination for travel and relocation due to its unrivaled nightlife.

The new Seoul

According to the report, Seoul has “firmly established itself as a global pop culture force,” which has elevated “the city of delicious kimchi (the traditional vegetable and seasoning dish), K-pop, K-dramas and K -beauty” – in tenth place”.

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