Skyrim Player Unlocks Platinum Trophy at the Perfect Time


  • Nazeem’s snobby attitude makes him one of Skyrim’s most disliked characters.
  • One Skyrim player managed to unlock the Platinum trophy by killing Nazeem.
  • The last trophy they needed for the Plat just so happened to coincide with Nazeem’s murder.

A fan of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim managed to unlock the game’s Platinum trophy on PS5 by killing Nazeem. Unlocking all the achievements and trophies in Bethesda’s massive RPG Skyrim is no easy task. It will require significant dedication from anyone that dares to do it, with players having to complete all the major quests and complete a huge variety of additional objectives to get 100% completion.

There are some easy Skyrim trophies, but there are also some rather time-consuming ones, with the most notorious perhaps being the one that requires players to collect 15 Daedric artifacts, since it’s possible to lock oneself out of getting some of them in any given playthrough. Skyrim players that do manage to unlock every trophy in the game will earn the coveted Platinum trophy, which one player did just recently and with perfect timing.


Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls ‘Stolen Sweetroll’ Meme Explained

Most Elder Scrolls players will be familiar with the ‘stolen sweetroll’ joke from Skyrim, but the gag goes back further than some might think.

Reddit user Peter15511 recently unlocked Skyrim‘s Platinum trophy, and since the PS5 records footage of trophy unlocks, they were able to save the moment that they accomplished the impressive feat. Better yet, the Platinum trophy unlock was triggered by them killing Nazeem, one of the game’s most hated NPCs. This is because the final trophy that Peter15511 needed to get the Platinum trophy was to rack up a bounty of 1,000 in all nine holds, and murdering Nazeem pushed them to 1,000 in Whiterun.

Why Do Skyrim Players Hate Nazeem?

Nazeem lives in Whiterun, one of the first cities most Skyrim players will visit in their playthroughs. Nazeem has a snobby, condescending attitude, and generally acts like a jerk, which is why many Skyrim players detest him. The hatred for Nazeem has become a meme among members of the Skyrim community, with endless posts about how he is one of the game’s most unlikable characters. There are a few who stick up for Nazeem, but it’s safe to say that the majority of fans do not like him.

In fact, there is one dedicated Skyrim fan who has decided to kill Nazeem every single day until The Elder Scrolls 6 is released. To date, they have killed Nazeem a staggering 943 times while waiting for Bethesda to finally release the long-awaited Skyrim follow-up.

Unfortunately for Elder Scrolls fans, it’s likely that The Elder Scrolls 6 release date is still many years away. Bethesda just launched Starfield last year and is still working on DLC for that game, so ES6 is probably another five years off, give or take.

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