Shell abandons contract; cedes control of operations to Pemex

The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) approved the transfer of control of operations as well as operational and management control by Shell Exploration and Extraction of Mexico in favor of Pemex Exploration and Production, regarding a consortium contract signed in 2018 for an area off the coast of Tamaulipas.

During the twenty-third extraordinary session of the Governing Body of the CNHthe technical area explained that by giving up Shell the entire participation interest Pemexthe latter will have more than 50 percent and on the other hand, it will maintain the operations contract because Shell is the current operator.

“Since the exploration and production contract is signed as a consortium, it becomes an individual contract since it only Pemex would be in the contract,” he reported, so will maintain 100 percent of the participation.

The area that is giving way Shellis located near Trion, an ultra-deep water field from which significant production is expected. The head of the Technical Exploration Unit and his Supervision in the CNH, Rodrigo Hernandezexplained that the area has a particular condition since it is located in the Subsalt Fold Belt.

Trion It was in a part where there is no salt and therefore the area can be located because the seismic results showed better expectations there. However, the entire part of the subsalt belt continues to present very important exploratory challenges, which is precisely one of the main reasons why there is still not much success in these areas,” he explained.

The commissioner Hector Moreira He emphasized that the area is not abandoned, since Pemex It will continue to operate, so he said that we will have to wish it luck so that the exploration of said area can be concluded.

For his part, the commissioner Salvador Ortuño said this is a area that Pemex knows and that he has had extensive technical discernment, which requires even more adequate dedication and time to have better results.

The President Commissioner Agustín Díaz Lastraadded that in the area predominates the activities of Pemex. He recalled that each of the areas that were tendered in the rounds had particularities, so it is normal that after bidding on these areas these ‘accommodations’ occur. as information is obtained in the areas.


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