“Politano and Di Lorenzo want to stay in Naples for life”

The agent of several Serie A footballers spoke on the sidelines of the presentation of his book, also answering questions about his clients

Giuffredi: "Politano and Di Lorenzo want to stay in Naples for life"

Important day for prosecutor Mario Giuffredi, who today presented his new book “The road of a dream”. On the sidelines of the event he answered some questions from the journalists present, these are his statements:

“With president De Laurentiis there is a relationship of mutual respect, he is a person to whom I will be grateful for life. Then everyone does their own thing. I have to protect the interests of my players, naturally trying to be balanced. Matteo Politano and Giovanni Di Lorenzo want to stay at Napoli for life, a club that they must see as a point of arrival. They do not feel the need to find new stimuli or sensations elsewhere. In the next few weeks we will speak with the president and address the discussion of Politano’s renewal. De Laurentiis would have liked to talk about it already this summer. My job is to make my players happy.”

Gaetano? This is the only bad question of the evening… I see a lot in him, for me he is a champion. For the little time he was put on the field he demonstrated his technical values. If Napoli and Mazzarri don’t believe in him, Gaetano will be able to demonstrate his value elsewhere. I expect that he will have space this month, if this is not the case we will think differently even without breaking away from Napoli. The boy must have the opportunity to show off continuously.”

A future as a manager?
I want to do another 4-5 years as an agent, we need to close the circle, also to close with many players with whom I started. But the next chapter will be as a manager, this is what I want.”

“Where would you like to start?
“Saying Napoli is obvious. I have great feelings for Napoli and Empoli, two teams that have given me so much. I would really like fate to make me start with one of these two clubs.”

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