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Pancho Barraza. This is how he defended Yahritza and Her Essence from criticism VIDEO

Mexico City /

After his presentation in the Zócalo of Mexico City on the occasion of the celebration of Independence, the group Yahritza and Her Essence was once again the center of conversations, both on social networks and in entertainment programs.

While some people once again attacked the regional music band from Washington, others spoke out in favor of the musicians, for example, their stage colleague Pancho Barraza.

What did Pancho Barraza say about Yahritza and Her Essence?

In an interview for the program First Hand, hosted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the Mexican musician said about his colleagues: “I agree with them”.

Pancho Barraza
Pancho Barraza | Special

And then he explained why he agrees with Yahritza and Su Esencia: “Mexican sarcasm, the one that journalists from Mexico have, with the sarcasm that they use, pochos, who speak very little Spanish or never speak Spanish. The way they make jokes is very different from how they are made in Mexico.”

“If you start doing your Mexican sarcasm to a pocho artist, like what happened to Yahritza, you’re going to mess him up and you’re going to mess with him and people are going to hate him. I totally agree that they do not answer.”

He asked journalists to be more respectful towards musicians: “Interview them with appropriate respect, Not because they are kids and they are just starting, you want them to finish.r”.

Pancho Barraza also spoke about the alleged threats against Featherweight: “It is becoming a tradition and I wish that would somehow stop because what you do or what you do has nothing to do with it, everyone dedicates themselves to what they do as long as you don’t get in the other’s way. There is no reason to prohibit you from being in a city or threaten you with something.”

“Hopefully we become more aware because we are not going to change the country in one six-year term, in ten I highly doubt it, but we can become aware that people need adequate entertainment from the artists to whom they themselves bring fame,” the regional singer settled.


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