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only two of the 23 players on the national team leave the concentration

There will be a Sweden-Spain match on Friday in the Nations League with 21 of the 23 players called up by Montse Tomé. This was confirmed Victor Francosthe president of the Higher Sports Council, at 04:45 in the morningfrom the doors of the team’s concentration hotel in Oliva (Valencia).

Víctor Francos arrived at the concentration headquarters after seven in the afternoon and the meeting with the international players did not begin until shortly after 9:00 p.m. After more than seven hours of exchange of views, the conclusion is that almost all the international players will travel to Sweden on Thursday the 21st. “We have had several meetings with the players, meetings that have been very cordial, with a friendly tone and a constructive will,” commented Francos at around five in the morning. “The players, the Government and the Federation have spoken freely. The conclusions we have reached will be reflected in agreements that will be signed and drafted by the Federation and CSD. We will form a mixed and tripartite commission to follow up on those agreements reached on issues such as the development of the Sports Law, equal pay, the improvement in the quality of infrastructure for women’s sports,” said the president of the CSD. “The players have shown their concern about the need for profound changes and the Federation has committed to ensuring that these changes occur immediately”said Francos.

“In the call and the concentration there is two players – they could be Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes – who have requested the possibility of leaving due to lack of spirit and personal discomfort. and not go to Sweden. It has been agreed that this resignation will not entail sanctions. There are 21 players out of the 23 who have shown their willingness to stay. They are all in a difficult moment, but the senior women’s team will play the two games – Sweden and Switzerland in the Nations League – with guarantees,” assured the head of Spanish sport.

21 players are going to Sweden in a gesture that honors them. There are two who do not feel up to it or have the strength to go and they know that They will not find a sanctioning process. Furthermore, the continuity of Montse Tomé has not been under debate while I have been at the meeting,” commented Francos.

also appeared Rafael del Amofederal representative of the national team, who highlighted that Decisions on changes in the Federation “will be made tomorrow because there have to be changes and it will be like that. What we are looking for is harmony.” The team will carry out its first training today late in the morning or early in the afternoon and on Thursday it will travel from Madrid to Sweden.

Before the beginning of the meetings, there was a novelty in the call and that is that the forward Esther González, a player from the American NJ/NY Gotham, would not join the concentration and her position will be occupied by the Sevilla player Cristina Martín-Prieto. Martín-Prieto will be part of the team in the Nations League matches against Sweden, on Friday in Gothenburg, and against Switzerland, on Tuesday, September 26 in Córdoba.

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