Official: A ship caught fire in the Red Sea that was hit by a missile

The Associated Press quoted an American official as saying that a ship flying the Liberian flag caught fire in the Red Sea after it was hit by a missile fired from… Yemen.

Later, a guidance note issued by the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority stated that it had received reports of a small white boat carrying 10 people who identified themselves as Yemeni authorities and that they “ordered a ship to change its course towards Yemen,” according to Reuters.

The British Maritime Trade Operations Authority said in a statement on Friday that it was investigating reports of an incident that occurred 50 nautical miles north of… Mocha Port The Yemeni is near Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The authority added that it had received reports of another incident about 60 nautical miles southwest Hodeidah port Yemeni.

It is not yet clear whether the two incidents are related.

The Authority advised ships to cross with caution and to report any suspicious activity. No further details were given about the two incidents.

It is indicated that Houthi movement Yemen, which is allied with Iran, has previously attacked ships in the Red Sea shipping lanes and launched drones and missiles towards them. Israel Since the start of the war in Gaza strip More than two months ago, which highlights fears of the expanding scope of the conflict in The Middle East.

The Houthi movement, which controls most of Yemen, says the attacks are a show of support for the Palestinians and has pledged to continue them until Israel stops its military campaign.

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