Non-Fallout Games To Play After Watching The Fallout Show

A screenshot shows a player fighting off a group of cyborgs using a laser gun.

Screenshot: Teyon / Reef Entertainment

Before Fallout, Bethesda developed some old-school FPS games based on the Terminator franchise. These were, in many ways, prototypes for the open-world action games Bethesda would later create. And Terminator Resistance is essentially a modern continuation of Bethesda’s semi-open-world Terminator games, complete with RPG-like elements. Terminator Resistance feels almost like a low-budget Fallout sequel, and that’s a compliment.

If you are still craving some post-apocalyptic content after all these games and watching the Fallout show, then you might just be obsessed with the end of the world. But also, I’d recommend watching these films: The Road, Tank Girl, Land of The Dead, War for the Planet of the Apes, Mad Max Fury Road, Escape From New York, and Children of Men. And if you still need more post-apocalyptic content after all that, well, I guess you can patiently wait for the massive fan game Fallout London to release one day.

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