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No Returns Accepted will return to the cinema

Mexico City /

10 years ago, to be more exact, on September 20, 2013, the film hit Mexican theaters No refundsstarring the Mexican actor Eugenio Derbeza film that managed to connect in a very special way with the entire public, becoming one of their favorites.

That is why, to commemorate this first decade, Eugenio himself took to his social networks to announce that the film will be re-released in Mexico, through the chain Cinépolis.

Likewise, the actor of The Plush Family and Coda He was incredulous at the passage of time, since, as part of this important anniversary, the protagonists recreated that official poster with which they promoted the film 10 years ago.

Returns are not accepted (Special).
Returns are not accepted (Special).

“Did you know that this month marks 10 years since it was released No refunds? How quickly the time passed. For example, Loreto, the girl who appears in the film, is already a lady“, said.

In the video shared on TikTok he also mentioned that the cast of No refunds came together to show their audience everything that had happened at their weddings and show all the changes they have undergone.

“If you only knew how many lives that movie changed, starting with mine. There are so many stories and anecdotes behind the film.“because we decided to do two things to celebrate: a meeting with the cast to see what has happened to our lives and Cinépolis decided to re-release the film in Mexico because there are new generations that have not seen it,” he continued.

When is it re-released? No Returns Accepted?

Finally, he invited the entire audience to go to the cinemas from the September 28 when the tape is re-released. He also asked that they send photos of his experience in the rooms just as the public did in that distant 2013; “I invite you to send me photos of you at the movies; I’m going to be dressed like Maggie.”


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