Mushoku Tensei: Best Rudeus Inventions


  • Rudeus Greyrat revolutionized mage battles with his inventions, leaving a lasting mark in the Six-Faced World’s history.
  • Magic Potions ended the age of swordsmen, giving mages an advantage in combat with unlimited mana supply in battles.
  • His Automata and time travel inventions showcase Rudeus’ unpredictability and dedication to altering fate for the greater good.

As a person reincarnated from the other world, people might expect Rudeus Greyrat, the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation, to leave his mark in the form of items that can be found in the modern world, such as massive technological advances in the form of electric appliances and modern food that originated from Japan. However, he instead found a way to leave a more valuable mark on history, one that enabled him to help against his nemesis of the series, even long after his lifetime.


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Rudeus’ inventions consist mostly of revolutionizing the basics to help his fellow mages to function well in battles. However, some of them relate the extreme magic that can only be invented after a lifetime of pursuit without any distractions. Thanks to these inventions, Rudeus managed to leave a lasting impression on the history of the Six-Faced World, and gained historical recognition as a result. However, this was done rather unintentionally, as he originally just wished to do his best in his second life.

Anime, Manga, and Light Novel Spoilers Ahead!

7 Magic Potion

Ending The Age Of Swordsmen

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Magic Potions

Before Rudeus invented the Magic Potion, but long after the Battle of Biheiril Kingdom, mages were always seen as second-rate fighters that were prone to dying due to their vulnerability after running out of mana. Swordsmen become the more popular fighters to enlist during battles and escort missions, as they are able to fight while only limited by their stamina and equipped Battle Aura, a resource that is clearly more dependable than mana. As a mage himself, Rudeus saw this disadvantage and invented the Magic Potion to start a revolution of mages.


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By being able to restore their mana within a single flask, it was explained at the end of the last Light Novel volume that mages entered a Golden Age long after the huge skirmish at Biheiril Kingdom. Mages were able to continually unleash deadly spells without being hindered by mana, just as Rudeus intended.

6 All-Purpose Magic Armor

An Army Of Armored Mages

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Magic Armor

Due to their limited amount of body strength and inability to wear Battle Aura, mages often rely on spells and mana for both offensive and defensive purposes on the battlefield, which unfortunately put a lot of strain on their mana capacity. Moreover, mages in Rudeus’ lifetime are not able to command a huge mana pool, therefore making them only able to use a limited number of spells before running out and requiring rest before returning to fighting condition. Rudeus’ solution to this is the widespread distribution of Magic Armor, aided by Hitogami himself.


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Thanks to the All-Purpose Magic Armor, mages are able to undertake deadlier quests and gain longevity on the battlefield. They are able to protect themselves better with the armor while putting maximum focus on the offensive, making them deadlier than other soldiers. This particular invention made by Rudeus inevitably helped mages become more prominent in the Six-Faced World.

5 Automata

Zanoba’s Lifetime Quest

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Automata

Another mark that Rudeus left on the Six-Faced World is the creation of Automata, which is confirmed in the Redundancy chapters of the Light Novel. With Zanoba’s enthusiasm and funding, they managed to build a fully powered and functioning Automata, or a mechanical doll, that became the norm in the future. The project comes alive early in the series. Rudeus clears out his house after purchasing it and finds a killer robot seemingly powered by multiple magic circles. He found Mad Dragon King Chaos’ creation there, and successfully deciphered its complex design to build a foundation for Automata.


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The first ever Automata in the series was Anne, modeled after Nanahoshi with a fully-functioning body and adhering to the three laws of robotics. By following the laws, Anne is able to ensure the safety of the humans near her, obey commands, and preserve herself in order to remain useful to her creators. Although the introduction is not necessarily smooth, Anne’s creation becomes another mark left by Rudeus in the history of the Six-Faced World.

4 Time Travel

A Remnant Of Dark Fate

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Time Travel

Despite it only being a part of a doomed timeline that is successfully averted by the invention of time travel itself, this becomes proof of how Rudeus, after losing everything, is capable of inventing something far more unpredictable, powerful, and that even transcends the laws of physics. Driven by regret, Rudeus invents time travel to try warning his past self about trusting Hitogami, as it will cause everyone he loved to die and eventually drive him to the point of despair.

Aside from its sinister origin, Rudeus’ way of somehow bending time, although at the cost of his own life due to the huge mana it requires, becomes one of the inventions that he ever creates. In the proper timeline where Rudeus successfully defended his family by allying himself with Orsted, he seemed to abandon the pursuit of time travel in favor of infiltrating and diminishing Hitogami’s influence through stealth, while also preparing for Laplace’s return in the process.

3 Voiceless Incantation Teaching

Giving The Next Generation A Headstart

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Flash Over

Due to limited focus given to the mages in Six-Faced World during Rudeus’ lifetime, there are only a handful of mages that are able to command a large mana pool like himself and able to do a voiceless incantation that both speeds up spells and makes them unpredictable to other fighters. Thanks to his experience and Roxy’s help in publishing the proper way of education, voiceless incantation became the norm during his middle age, making mages the frontrunners in society after the skirmish in Biheiril Kingdom.

Moreover, the continuous practice of voiceless incantation allows potential mages to expand their mana pool further than before, making them able to defeat other fighters in battle without having a clear advantage. Rudeus’ intention of further advancing mages stems from the fact that he himself is a mage, and the city he lives in, which is the Magic City of Sharia, enables him to make any magical innovation viable to be implemented smoothly.

2 Teleportation Circle Standardization

A New Age Of Transportation

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Teleportation Circle Standardization

Although Teleportation Circles existed long before Rudeus’ birth, their existence in the Six-Faced World is continually repressed due to numerous reasons, including the fear of facilitating a widespread war and the increased mobility causing a multitude of unpredictable events to happen. However, due to Rudeus’ traumatic experience after failing to protect his father, Paul Greyrat, during the Teleportation Labyrinth incident, he concludes that Teleportation Circles are something that need to be widespread in order to prevent any further tragedies happening due to location limitations.

Standardization of the Teleportation Circles predictably received much pushback by other organizations, most prevalent from nobles, merchants, and officials of the Milis Church, which branded Rudeus as a person who “broke the Taboo.” Curiously, although Nanahoshi is involved with the widespread use of Teleportation Circles, she escaped any blame from the aforementioned organizations, possibly due to Rudeus’ influence, as he wishes to keep her safe from any harm.

1 Orsted Corporation

A Combined Effort Against Hitogami

An Image of Mushoku Tensei: Orsted Corporation

Perhaps one of Rudeus’ greatest inventions was the creation of the Orsted Corporation, built to stand up against the tyranny of Hitogami, who manipulated countless beings in the Six-Faced World and left them to die after they outlived their usefulness. The Corporation consists of many subsidiaries that enable it to function similar to a small country, with its own mercenary force for hire, a partnership with merchants to market Superd figurines to restore their reputation, and also a small-scale doll industry spearheaded by Zanoba and his pupil, Julie. All of this effort was made due to Hitogami’s endless machinations to ensure his own safety at the cost of other people’s lives, Rudeus included.

Due to the blessing of the Dragon God himself, the Corporation is able to function safely without any feeling of being under threat, both from Orsted himself and the wicked Hitogami. Orsted also values his companions better than Hitogami, as he respects their opinion and wishes to keep them alive, since he values their lives as comrades. This might be due to the fact that Orsted is forced to spend countless lifetimes chasing Hitogami alone, and in this particular loop, he finally finds himself with comrades that are able to help him finish his quest to defeat Hitogami once and for all.

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