“Mazzarri will give the players a great boost of pride”

The agent of several Serie A players spoke on the sidelines of the presentation of his book, also answering questions about the future of Napoli

Giuffredi: "Mazzarri will give the players a great jolt of pride"

Important day for prosecutor Mario Giuffredi, who today presented his new book “The road of a dream”. On the sidelines of the event he answered some questions from the journalists present, these are his statements:

What Napoli do you expect with Mazzarri?
“I expect a Napoli with great pride. They started this championship in difficulty, but if anyone thinks they are giving up they will soon realize that this is not the case. Mazzarri has a great desire for revenge and will give a great shock of pride to all the players I expect an attacking Napoli, alive and not afraid of anyone.”

Also in the running for the Scudetto?
“I am convinced that Napoli can have their say, it is true that we are 10 points from first but there are still many games. Napoli has the strength and qualities to make up ground. I am positive and I remain convinced that Napoli will be able to have their say. Anyone who leaves us for dead will have a rude awakening.”

Is there a new energy with Mazzarri?
“Certainly when you change coach there is always a shock. I think Mazzarri has energy to spare at the moment. They will be able to start again and go back to being the Napoli of last year.”

Will the players be the ones to make the change?
“The players are always the main actors, it’s true. 80% of them will have to give everything they have to turn the situation around. The players have always determined, for better or for worse. In Napoli there are great players and I am convinced that they will respond with important performances.”

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