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Knife attack on train in Germany leaves two dead, seven injured

EFE.- Two people died and another seven were injured this Wednesday, three of them from gravitywhen a man armed with a knife about them on a regional train on the route between Kiel and Hamburg north of Germany.

Police sources reported that the aggressor he threw himself on the passengers shortly before reaching the station Brokstedtin the town of Schleswig Holstein, on the border with Denmark.

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Some 120 people were traveling on the train, these sources reported, according to which chaos broke out inside the wagonswhile proceeding to alert the police of the situation.

The attacker He was injured and was arrested upon reaching that station.

Official sources from that town reported that it was a Palestinian from the strip of Loop 33 years old and according to all indications he suffered from mental disorders.

both the weekly focus like the tabloid Bild had identified, in their first information, the aggressor as a Syrian around 20 years old and with mental imbalances.

The first notice to police occurred a few minutes before 2:00 p.m. local time, a passenger alerted to the presence of a man armed with a knife.

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About 20 minutes later there was a second notice warning that several people had been found woundsincluding the attacker himself, who was admitted to a hospital in that town.

There is still no information about the reason for the strokeaccording to police. The regional station NDRCiting sources from the investigation team, he reported that the man, who arrived from Gaza eight years ago, had a criminal record, and there was no indication of a political motivation.

With information from Reuters

The charge Knife attack on train in Germany leaves two dead, seven injured appeared first in Latin US.

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