Karla Souza announces pregnancy on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards

The Mexican actress, Karla Souzasurprised the press during the red carpet of the International Emmy Awardswhere She wore a tight metallic dress that showed off her pregnant belly.

This would be the third child for the famous 37-year-old, who has been married to the American businessman, Marshall Trenkmann, since 2014.

This is how he showed off his ‘baby bump’

On November 20, Karla Souza attended the 51st edition of the International Emmy Awards in NY, where she was awarded Best Actress for her leading role in the film The fall.

The actress appeared at the event wearing a striking and tight metallic dress that made her pregnancy very evident. This is the first time that the actress has been seen showing off her several-month-old belly, since she usually She is usually very discreet with her personal life.

Karla Souza won an International Emmy Award for the film 'The Fall'.  (Reuters)
Karla Souza won an International Emmy Award for the film ‘The Fall’. (Reuters)

This would be the third child of Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann, who are parents of little Gianna, five years old, and Luka, three years old.

It is not the first time that the interpreter has kept her pregnancy a secret.since she did not announce that she was expecting her first daughter nor did she publicly announce her birth until some time later.

Karla Souza at the Emmy Awards.
Karla Souza at the Emmy Awards.

In the case of her son Luka, the actress reported that she was expecting a boy through a series of photographs showing off her ‘baby bump’ and later shared on networks an image where she appears breastfeeding her two little ones.

For now, no more details have been given about Karla Souza’s next baby.

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