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Karine Le Marchand was shocked by very enterprising suitors

Karine le Marchand reacted to the comments of Joris's first two contenders in Love is in the Meadow.
Karine le Marchand reacted to the comments of Joris’s first two contenders in Love is in the Meadow.

Karine le Marchand reacted to the comments of Joris’s first two contenders in Love is in the Meadow.

TELEVISION – Since August 21, M6 has been broadcasting the eighteenth season ofLove is in the meadow every Monday at 9:10 p.m. Viewers can now follow the romantic adventures of farmers of the dating show hosted by Karine Le Marchand.

During the fifth episode of the season, the 55-year-old host did not hesitate to coach Joris’ suitors by advising them to compliment him. “ It’s necessarily you who will take the first steps, because he is not capable of it. It’s virgin territory for him. He’s a great guy, you can go.” she confided to the four women.

A speech that hit the mark with Justine and Fidéline, Joris’s first suitors who were full of praise for the volunteer firefighter. “ How beautiful you are, I’m impressed “, “ physically you are reassuring, we want to be in your arms “, ” the physique wow great “. These are some compliments that the two South-West nursing assistants were able to say to Joris, who remained rather silent.

Joris embarrassed by the enthusiasm of his suitors

Visibly very excited during the speed dating, one of the two contenders said she was ready to leave her city in order to settle down with Joris. “I’m already planning there. I imagine a girl with blue eyes. I don’t know what it’s going to be like with the little ones, but I’m totally planning ahead. » Comments which made the main person concerned blush and which made Karine Le Marchand react.

“She scares him!” They are perhaps going a little hard, no, compared to what I said. Maybe I shouldn’t have said they go all out. I’m sorry, I apologize. I withdraw ” declares Karine Le Marchand.

Very uncomfortable at the end of their conversation, Joris said he was surprised by the enthusiasm of his suitors. “ Someone who wants me and shows it to me like that, it makes me weird “. A first for the firefighter who was “ more destabilized than anything else “. It was finally with Élodie and Carine that Joris decided to leave, much to the regret of Fideline and Justine.

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