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Estafeta warns that users will absorb the cost of transferring cargo operations to AIFA

The courier company Post office warned that the transfer of its operations to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), in the event that the draft of the Executive to prohibit cargo operations at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) becomes a decree, it would increase the costs to its users.

Through the platform of the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (conamer), the company indicated that the increase in the cost of the service for the final consumer would be due to the fact that in order to transfer its operations to the AIFA or to another airport would require the construction of specialized facilities.

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He also pointed out that it is impossible to move to another airport in the 90 days established by the draft decree, since so far there are no facilities like the ones it has. Post office in it AICM.

Post office requires facilities for the operational infrastructure for the exchange and classification of shipments. The surface of the ship must have, at least, a surface similar to the one it occupies in the AICM. Considering that this ship was available for rent at another airport, Estafeta would have to incur a monthly cost for the respective lease that would affect the cost of the daily operation, which in turn would increase the cost of the service for the final consumer,” he said. the company.

In the same way, he pointed out this increase in costs would also be because several of his vehicles would have to circulate on the highway north arc both to and from the AIFAwhich, the company stated, has high levels of insecurity, for which reason security services would also have to be hired.

“In the aforementioned costs, it would be necessary to include the issue related to the security of all our transport units that would arrive and depart from alternative airports, such as the AIFA(…) they must travel on the highway north arcwhich presents alarming security figures in various sections,” he said.

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The courier company indicated that most of its packages that arrive at the AICM are distributed throughout the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM) which makes it a “logistics node” that also functions as a “clearing center”.

Estafeta also asked the conamer consider an extension of the term to be able to move out of the AICMsince it is “impossible to meet” the deadline for everything that has to be done so as not to affect the services provided to consumers.

The charge Estafeta warns that users will absorb the cost of transferring cargo operations to AIFA appeared first in Latin US.

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