Crossing Schaerbeek in search of a killer instinct: “It’s already cost us seven points”

In the championship, the Crossing lost 0-1 against the Green Country by conceding the only goal of the game in the last quarter of an hour. Two weeks ago, it was Manage who equalized in the 73rd and almost turned the situation even further to his advantage. And this Sunday, the Schaerbeekois came back close against Symphorinois by conceding the equalizer in stoppage time.

This repeating scenario is beginning to undermine the title ambitions of the people of Brussels. “These poorly managed ends of matches have already cost us seven points”, specifies Pascal Withofs, T2 du Crossing. “However, we repeat the instructions to the players before each match, we work on it but the scenario tends to repeat itself.”

The staff is looking for explanations for these complicated endings to the match. “Is it a problem with concentration or fatigue? Some players say that we are not physically fit, others say the opposite. But fatigue could also explain this lack of concentration at the end of the match. We will assess the situation by analyzing the players’ data.”

Another solution seems to be found further upstream. “We fail to kill our matches when the opportunities present themselves. If we were more realistic, we could lead more widely and thus avoid leaving our opponent in the match. We have to be more killer in front of goal, especially when behind you you make small mistakes that pay off in cash.”

With all these points lost, the Crossing saw first place slip away. “Onhaye took off with an 8-point lead. The situation becomes complicated but nothing is done. It’s up to us to work to correct our faults.”

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