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Bride murder.. A young man slaughters his sister in Egypt because he objected to her engagement

According to the records of the Ministry of Interior, the Climate Police Department received Port Said Notification of a person slaughtering a girl in the street in the eighth district, east of the city.

When the policemen arrived, they found a girl in her thirties, drowning in her own blood, in the street. She died as a result of a slaughter wound in the neck and a stab wound in the back. The people were able to catch the perpetrator of the crime in possession of sharp weapons, and the police handed him over for questioning.

A security source revealed to Sky News Arabia the details of the crime and investigations into the accused, saying:

  • It turned out that the accused is called Muhammad Nabil, 22 years old, unemployed, and he is the brother of the victim, called Farida Nabil, 25 years old. She was working in a wedding dress rental shop in the same area that witnessed the shooting. the crime.
  • The accused confessed to committing the crime on the grounds that he objected to his sister’s engagement to someone and asked her to break off the engagement more than once, but she refused.
  • The accused’s family kicked him out of the house some time ago due to his bad behavior and many problems.
  • The accused admitted that he had the intention and planned to get rid of his sister as punishment for not obeying his orders.
  • He brought two knives and came near her workplace and waited for her. During her return from work, he stabbed her from behind and then slaughtered her from the side. the neck.
  • The accused had agreed with a friend of his who came with him on a motorcycle to escape together after committing the crime, but when the people gathered to chase the accused, his friend fled the scene.
  • The accused tried to threaten the people by attacking them with a knife, but they succeeded in arresting him and handing him over to the police.

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