Because of the high price of this commodity.. Putin offers a “rare apology”

During the question and answer session that Putin holds at the end of the year with the media and with members of the public who call in from all over RussiaRetiree Irina Akopova appeared sitting at her kitchen table and addressing the president via video technology.

She complained that the prices of eggs, chicken breasts and wings had increased significantly.

She said: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, be kind to your pensioners! We don't get millions in our pensions. Solve this, we have no one to turn to.” “I'm very grateful to you, I'm counting on you for help,” she added.

The question reflects Russians' real concerns about the cost of living, and comes after Putin has already acknowledged that inflation may approach eight percent this year.

“I apologize for this, but this is a failure in the government's work… I promise that the situation will be corrected in the near future,” Putin said.

The government said this week that it would exempt 1.2 billion eggs from import duties in the first half of next year to try to control prices, which have risen more than 40 percent this year.

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