8 Amazon Finds for a Star Wars Themed Game Room

Star Wars has plenty of support in the home decor department, with Target, Walmart, and other popular retailers often offering licensed merchandise. However, in recent years, gamers have been left out in the cold as far as Star Wars merchandise goes. Star Wars gaming accessories are rare and typically come at highly inflated prices, but with more sci-fi and retro aesthetics coming into vogue once again, they’re the perfect way for gamers to decorate their space.

Regardless, having a Star Wars-themed gaming room is the dream for many fans. For those just getting started, there are plenty of affordable and stylish Amazon finds ready to set the baseline for a gaming room dedicated to Star Wars.

How to Choose Star Wars Merchandise

Despite there being a lot of Star Wars home decor available, picking the perfect Star Wars merchandise to decorate a game room can be a challenge. When creating a space dedicated to a galaxy far, far away, you don’t need to go flying in blind. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for Star Wars accessories:

  • Usefulness: Does the item have a use other than looking good? While adding decorations is important to any themed room, having Star Wars accessories that actually do something, such as provide audio or act as a controller, is most often going to offer more value throughout its life.
  • Overall Quality: How detailed and accurate is the item? Are the performance specs competitive? Anyone can make a knock-off Star Wars accessory, so finding something that looks good and can effectively do what it’s supposed to is key to getting quality peripherals.
  • Cost: Is the item worth the price? You should compare the cost of any standard item that’s Star Wars-themed with the generic version of the item. It’s normal to see a markup of about 20% when it comes to big franchises like Star Wars, but much more than that and the item should probably come with some extra features.
  • Style: Does the item have Star Wars branding or otherwise contribute to the Star Wars aesthetic? You don’t have to choose something with the words “Star Wars” on it, but if you want to have a Star Wars-themed gaming room, you’ll need to find accessories that show off your fandom or could be mistaken for a real set prop.


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Best Budget Star Wars-Themed Gaming Room Accessory

Tamagotchi Nano x Star Wars – R2-D2

Players can train R2-D2 to master various skills with this Star Wars-themed R2-D2 Tamagotchi! Players can take care of R2-D2, keeping him charged and clean, by playing two mini-games: Firefighting and Dejarik “Holochess”. Plus, there are 19 skills for R2-D2 to learn and seven other mini-games for him to unlock, depending on his skill level. Players should make sure they keep their R2-D2 happy, or else the Jawas may take him away!

Tamagotchis are still a popular and fun little device that gamers especially love to keep close. This R2-D2 Tamagotchi is perfect for Star Wars fans, as they can care for and play with their favorite little droid from just about anywhere. Available for less than $20, this is one of the most affordable Star Wars accessories you can get.

Plus, players can choose between the standard white and blue R2-D2 color scheme, or opt for the transparent blue with white accents. Just as with most Tamagotchis, there’s more to it than just matching an aesthetic. R2-D2 can learn 19 different skills and there are seven mini-games to play with the droid. Keeping with the theme, if you don’t care for R2 well enough, he’ll get stolen by Jawas!

Best Premium Star Wars-Themed Gaming Room Accessory

Govee Glide Wall Light

The crux of the Star Wars series is almost always the lightsaber, whether it’s wielded by a Jedi, Sith, or anyone else. The Govee glide lights are perfect wall decorations that can be oriented to look like dual lightsabers with ease.

These highly customizable lights may be a bit expensive, but they don’t just look like cool lightsabers. Govee’s wall lights are also able to change in color and brightness remotely, using a simple app on a PC or a mobile device. They can even be controlled using voice commands with Alexa or Google, and they can be synced up with music to perfectly match the mood.

One of the best RGB lighting options for gamers overall, the sophisticated Govee Glide wall lights are a great way to add a lightsaber glow to any gaming space. They can also be combined with other Govee lights to create even more complex designs, such as the trench run scene.

Editor’s Choice

Millennium Falcon Charging Pad

This charging pad is a great wireless power option for Star Wars fans. The LED lights indicate when the charge is complete, and while it is a bit slow, this charging pad powers devices about as quickly as its direct competition. Charging times can vary based on the user’s device, which can be Samsung, Apple, or any other brand that allows wireless charging.

The charger itself is a highly detailed Millennium Falcon with a flat charging circle seamlessly blended in on top, providing a stable base for most handheld devices to fit on. The compact size lends itself well to desktops, side tables, and shelves, while the USB-C cord offers a convenient connection for PC players at a desk and console players on a couch. Everyone needs a good charger for their phones while they game, and this one may have a slight markup, but overall, the Millennium Falcon charging pad is in line with the prices of similar chargers.


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