Who-are-the-Houthis, the group from Yemen that took over the Galaxy Leader?

Mexico City, Mexico /

A group of Yemen Houthi rebels They hijacked a Japanese ship located in the Red Sea in the middle of a military operation against Israel that contained two Mexican crew members.

This group, supposedly sponsored by Iran declared war on the State of Israel in recent weeks in support of the Hamas militias, also supported by the Iranian government.

In MILLENNIUM we explain to you who is this group responsible for the hijacking of the ship whose crew includes at least two people of Mexican nationality.

Houthis, at war with Saudi Arabia for 8 years

The Houthis, who sand they call themselves Ansarola which means “supporters of God”, They are part of an Iran-backed “axis of resistance” that have joined the Palestinians since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

This rebel group has been part of a war against a coalition led by Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf since eight years ago.

The conflict began in 2014 with the conquest of large areas of Saudi Arabia by the Houthis, and was radicalized a year later with the intervention of the Arab coalition, led by the Saudi government.

Various investigations have linked the Houthis to Yemen’s Supreme Council, the Iranian government, Kim Jong Un’s regime in North Korea, Syria, Libya and the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.​

Cargo ship operational in international waters of the Red Sea |  EFE
Cargo ship operational in international waters of the Red Sea | EFE

Houthis declare war on Israel

Yemen’s Houthis have entered fully into the war between Israel and Hamaswhich takes place more than 1,600 kilometers from Sana’a, with drone and missile attacks against Israel, which highlight the regional risks of the conflict.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree claimed in a televised statement that the group had launched a “large number” of ballistic missiles and drones at Israel, and that there would be more attacks in the future “to help the Palestinians achieve victory.”


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