Where To Get [Player] Skill Scrolls & Skill Scrolls In Solo Leveling: Arise

A player’s main account leveled doubles as Sung Jinwoo’s level in Solo Leveling: Arise. Unlike the other Hunters that can be obtained, Sung Jinwoo has many more options when trying to make him stronger along with unique items that can only be used by him.

Skill Scrolls and [Player] Skill Scrolls have different names but perform the same role of upgrading skills. [Player] Skill Scrolls can only be used on Sung Jinwoo while Skill Scrolls can only be used on Hunters.


Solo Leveling: Arise – Weapon Tier List

Out of all 45 weapons in Solo Leveling: Arise, these SSR and SR options are truly worth the player’s time, effort, and resources.

The best farmable methods for getting [Player] Skill Scrolls are through the Weapon Materials Exchange or by completing Red Gates. The Weapon Materials Exchange Shop lets players trade in Traces Of Dimensions and Mana Power Imbued Castings for various items, including all three tiers of [Player] Skill Scrolls. Traces Of Dimensions and Mana Power Imbued Castings are obtained by salvaging weapons which are earned through Draws. Players can also purchase [Player] Skill Scroll I’s through the Mana Crystal Exchange.

Players can also attempt to spawn and complete Red Gates, which appear after clearing a few gates in an area without rescanning for new gates. Red Gates are much more challenging than regular gates of the same level but offer better rewards. The tier of [Player] Skill Scrolls will also increase over time as players begin taking on higher-level Red Gates. [Player] Skill Scrolls are also rewards for various tasks such as Challenges, Story Missions, and the Battlefield of Trials, but these methods offer less consistent results and aren’t good farming methods.

  • [Player] Skill Scroll I – 750 Traces Of Dimensions
  • [Player] Skill Scroll II – 2,800 Traces Of Dimensions
  • [Player] Skill Scroll III – 250 Mana Power Imbued Castings


Solo Leveling: Arise – What Time Is The Daily Reset (& What Gets Reset)

Solo Leveling: Arise has a daily reset that gives players more to do without having to pay for refreshes. Here’s what time the daily reset happens.

Much like [Player] Skill Scrolls, regular Skill Scrolls are obtained by completing Red Gates. Skill Scrolls can also be obtained through Challenges, Story Mission, and the Battlefield of Trials with similar results to [Player] Skill Scrolls and nothing consistent.

To purchase Skill Scrolls, players will need to go to the Celebration Coin Exchange in the Shop to trade Commemorative Coins and Platinum Commemorative Coins. These coins are rewards for completing draws and will require players to earn Essence Stones to Draw more often. Players can purchase a limited number of each tier of Skill Scroll before waiting for the daily refresh to refresh the shop’s inventory. Skill Scroll I’s are also available through the Mana Crystal Exchange.

  • Skill Scroll I – 125 Commemorative Coins
  • Skill Scroll II – 450 Commemorative Coins
  • Skill Scroll III – 100 Platinum Commemorative Coins

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Solo Leveling:ARISE

May 8, 2024



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