Where To Find Toilet Paper And Plungers

From time to time, players will need to find certain items for various challenges in Fallout 76. Some of them, like the Spring Clean Challenge, are stranger than others. Finding toilet paper and plungers is a part of the Spring Clean Challenge. While they are strange items to collect, they are easy to find and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

There are several areas on the map that have high concentrations of toilet paper and plungers. While players can go and check out random bathrooms, they will find it much easier and quicker just to take a look at some of the locations on this list.


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Best Locations To Find Toilet Paper

There Are A Fair Few

Toilet Paper in Fallout 76

There are lots of locations around the map that can spawn a roll of toilet paper. However, there are several locations that have multiple rolls of toilet paper. The best ones can be seen below:

  • 11 in Van Lowe Taxidermy: 3 in the locked supply closet, 1 in the second-floor bathroom, and 7 in the top-floor bathroom.
  • 8 At The Red Rocket Mega Stop: all of them are located in the public restroom
  • 5 in The Whitespring Resort: all of them are located in the toilets

Should the player head to one of the locations mentioned above and not find any toilet paper, then somebody has beaten them to it. Simply hop to a different server and take another look.


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Other Locations To Find Toilet Paper

These Locations Don’t Have As Many But Can Be Useful In Emergencies

Toilet Paper in A Toilet in Fallout 76

There are plenty of other locations where players can find toilet paper. While they won’t find as much in these locations, if the player needs some extra toilet paper for a display or challenge, these extra locations can be a real help.

  • 3 located in Sutton Station restroom
  • 3 located in the cabins dotted around the New River Gorge Resort
  • 2 located in the Kill Box
  • Most bathrooms have the potential to spawn one roll of toilet paper, sometimes more

The Best Area To Find Plungers

There’s One Area That Stands Out

Plunger in Fallout 76

While there are a few different places where players can find plungers, there’s one area that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The buildings around the Whitespring Resort are excellent for finding plungers.

  • 2 located in the toilets in the building just north of the Whitespring North Entrance (there are also a couple of toilet rolls here)
  • 1 can be found north of the first building in a building with employees only signing outside
  • 1 can be found in the large building north of the previous building. Upstairs, in the bathroom of the master bedroom
  • Head west from the large building in the point above; there’s a plunger outside the next building
  • Inside the building with the Presidential Cottage & Museum Terminal, a plunger can be found in the upstairs bathroom

Other Places To Find Plungers

A Few More Locations To Check Out

A Plunger Near A Toilet Bowl in Fallout 76

While the buildings north of the Whitespring Resort are the best bet for finding several plungers close together, there are a few other areas players can go to get a few extra plungers:

  • 3 Can be found around the New River Gorge Resort
  • 3 Can be found inside the Converted Munitions Factory toilets
  • 3 Can be found around Clarksburg
  • There’s a chance for a plunger to spawn in most toilets and restrooms.

Typically, players can gather between 10 and 15 plungers in around 5 minutes or so. Collecting things like plungers and toilet paper rolls is among the easiest challenges to complete in all of Fallout 76. When an easy challenge pops up, players should make the most of it because there are plenty of tough challenges in the game.

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