When is the Pandora’s Box Live Event?

Fortnite will soon leave the Myths & Mortal season behind and welcome Chapter 5 Season 3. With the release of its new season, it will most likely adopt a post-apocalyptic theme and leave behind ancient Greek mythology. Gamers who follow the lore closely have been anticipating a live event soon.


Fortnite: How to Prepare for Chapter 5 Season 3

Chapter 5 Season 3 is closer than ever, so here’s everything players need to do this Fortnite season before it ends.

Leaks have proven that Zeus’s lightning will strike Pandora’s Box, which started it all back in early March. This guide will give players all the information they need to know to make sure that they don’t miss the Chapter 5 Season 2 Fortnite live event, as they will only have one chance to witness it.

Zeus x Pandora’s Box Live Event Time

titan hand holds up pandora's box in fortnite

Dataminers have been digging through the Fortnite game files and trying to uncover information about the upcoming live eventfor some time now, and enough information has been gathered to safely say that Zeus will unleash his wrath upon Pandora’s Box, which fell in the Styx River once the Titan Hand disappeared.

Recently, a storm has started forming around the giant statue on Mount Olympus, and it started gathering energy, which turned into powerful lightning strikes, presumably by an angry, vengeful Zeus – this is a build-up to the Chapter 5 Season 2 live event.

There is no event countdown, as this is a “mini event” that will only happen once and it has slowly building up over the past few days. On top of this, Epic Games has not mentioned the storm that has formed on the island, so the impact on Pandora’s Box will probably be limited to those who have been following the event and Snapshot Quests as the season’s story develops.

According to notkrae, a Fortnite dataminer on X, players can expect the Fortnite live event to take place on Thursday, May 16, at 2 PM ET. Their calculations indicate that all the lightning will strike Pandora’s Box and the water in the Styx River will begin to boil.

How to Watch the Live Event in Fortnite

titan hand holding the pandora's box

Gamers who want to witness the lightning striking the box and the river in Fortnite will have to be in a match at 2 PM ET. To do this, fans should enter a Battle Royale game five minutes before the event starts.

To watch the changes on the box and the river, players should head to Ruined Reels and find a safe location. However, if they’d rather watch the statue, they should land near Mount Olympus instead.

It is not uncommon for several players to try and enter a game at the same time during these events, and this may result in matchmaking errors, server issues, and even login queues. To avoid this, players must

some time in advance.

Gamers who are unable to experience the event live can tune into a content creator’s stream or even check out a clip of the event, which has already been datamined.



July 25, 2017

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