What Happened in the Fortnite Live Event? (Chapter 5 Season 2)

Fortnite‘s Myths & Mortals season, Chapter 5 Season 2, will be coming to an end on May 24, 2024, which means soon, fans will be welcoming a whole new theme. So far, this season hasn’t revealed too much information on the upcoming season, but it’s highly likely that it will be related to an apocalypse, at least according to dataminers who have gone through the game files.


Fortnite: How to Prepare for Chapter 5 Season 3

Chapter 5 Season 3 is closer than ever, so here’s everything players need to do this Fortnite season before it ends.

On top of what leakers have said about the next season, the community has also started speculating what will happen, especially after the live event that took place on May 16. This article will show players exactly what happened, whether they missed the event or would like to learn more about its details.

What Happened During the Fortnite Live Event?

During the days leading up to the event, a storm had started to form around the statue on top of Mount Olympus. Zeus was building up his power so he could eventually strike Pandora’s Box, on the Styx River near Ruined Reels.

When the event started, the statue turned red, the sword rose up, and lightning came out of it. The lightning struck the sky before hitting Pandora’s Box; an explosion followed, and then the lightning led a ball of energy through the ocean on the southern side of the island, and which explosed far away and created a mysterous blinking red light. Pandora’s Box sunk to the bottom of the Styx River, and it remains there for the time being.

Here is video footage of the Chapter 5 Season 2 event:

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Live Event

fortnite live event end

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 live event took place on May 16 at 2 PM ET, the same time as the Titan Hand event before the end of Chapter 5 Season 1. This event is related to what will happen once this season comes to an end, so it is implied that it is deeply connected to the start of Chapter 5 Season 3.

At the moment, the only thing that players know is that there’s a blinking red light far away from the Battle Royale island, but no one knowns what it means exactly.



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