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What Blood of Zeus Season 2 Can Do To Succeed

Greek mythology has been translated into many forms of media including movies, books, and even video games. However, Netflix’s Blood of Zeus takes a different approach to the myth with its original story combined with a darker and more mature theme.



Made by Powerhouse Animation Studios, Blood of Zeus still doesn’t fare well enough compared to their work on other animes like Castlevania. However, it is still an interesting take on Greek Mythology despite it recycling a few old plot points. The anime did make a base quite strong enough that can be improved much more in Blood of Zeus season 2.

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What happens in Blood of Zeus season 1?

Blood of Zeus

Originally called Gods and Heroes, Blood of Zeus is an 8-episode anime series that dives into the story of Seraphim, a former human warrior consumed by anger and feelings of betrayal by the gods. Seeking revenge, Seraphim raises a demonic army with the aim of waging war against both humanity and the divine pantheon. As a part of taking his revenge against the gods, Seraphim seeks to unleash the Titans from the depths of Tartarus to wreak havoc on the mortal realm.

In the midst of this escalating chaos, Olympus finds itself embroiled in a power struggle. Hera, once Zeus’s beloved, now seeks to claim the throne for herself, joining forces with Seraphim. However, an unexpected hero emerges from the ranks of humanity. Heron, initially dismissed as a bastard due to the absence of a known father, makes a startling discovery – he is the illegitimate son of Zeus, the king of Olympus. This revelation throws Olympus into turmoil.

This leads to a final battle between Seraphim and Heron who leads the mortal in the war against the Demons. In their final showdown, Heron is shown using his demi-god powers for the first time and ends up killing Seraphim. However, it was also revealed that Seraphim was also the son of Zeus, and he and Heron were in fact, half-brothers. Seraphim had a tragic past where he was betrayed by Zeus and the other gods.

The show ends with Olympus without a king on its throne as Zeus and Hera are already dead. While everything turned out fine on the surface, the tension was still there and a lot of stories were left halfway done which could potentially be told in the future seasons.

How Can Blood of Zeus Season 2 Succeed?

Blood of Zeus has significant potential for improvement in its second season. Season 1 aired all the way back in 2020, and more than three years have passed since then, yet the studio is still busy with the production of the anime.

While Blood of Zeus had a unique art style for an anime, it did suffer in terms of production quality. Sub-par animations combined with poorly choreographed fight sequences were arguably the weakest parts of the show. Given that future seasons are expected to be on a larger scale than the first, Powerhouse Animation Studios should focus more on the production aspect of the show.

Heron, despite being the protagonist of the show, didn’t feel like a main character with most of the attention diverted towards the Gods. With Heron now having undergone significant character development and even gaining Demi-God powers, Blood of Zeus Season 2 needs to bring Heron into the spotlight.

Additionally, the vacancy on the throne of Mount Olympus implies that Heron is among the candidates for the position of king of the gods. However, with other half-brothers in contention, the show could delve into the political dynamics of Greek mythology, adding an intriguing dimension to the story.

Furthermore, Seraphim’s character has the potential for redemption in Blood of Zeus Season 2. With a background reminiscent of Kratos from God of War, Seraphim deserves a redemption arc that diverges from the path of vengeance. Blood of Zeus Season 2 should explore the possibility of reconciliation between the half-brothers, offering a fresh narrative angle and character development.

One noticeable absence in the first season of the show was a romantic interest. Despite the hint of a romantic connection between Heron and Alexia, it wasn’t explored much, mainly due to Alexia being an Amazon and restricted from pursuing such relationships. Blood of Zeus should delve into the relationship between these characters, as it’s what fans are eager to see.

Blood of Zeus still has numerous storylines left to explore and the showrunners have already stated that they have enough source material to keep the show running for 5 seasons. Blood of Zeus was also among the top-10 watched shows on Netflix at one point so it’s pretty evident that Blood of Zeus will return for future seasons. With the increasing demand from fans, Blood of Zeus Season 2’s announcement could be imminent considering it has already been 3 years since the first one premiered.

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