“We started again. Now let’s continue like this”

In a long interview, the Friulian goalkeeper spoke about the form of the team coached by Gabriele Cioffi

Udinese, Padelli: "We left.  Now let's continue like this"

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The goalkeeper ofUdinese Daniel Pansinterviewed by TV12took stock of the current form that the Friulians are experiencing under the technical guidance of Gabriele Cioffi. These are the words released by the Bianconeri goalkeeper:

“I always train to play, I don’t mind being the second or third goalkeeper. If the boys see the most representative players always putting in their maximum effort, they are encouraged to do so too.”

Did the break interrupt Udinese’s excellent form?

“The coach was able to work more calmly, it won’t be one less match that will change our state of mind. We are on a wave of enthusiasm after a complex period. The first to feel bad when we don’t win are us Now we have managed to get back on track and the results have improved, we won and did very well in an important stadium like San Siro against Milan, drew with Monza at their home and played a great match against Atalanta. We are getting out of the mud. and we started again, we hope to continue like this.”

What caused the complicated start to the season?

“From many little things which, put all together, led us to a situation we didn’t want to find ourselves in. The past is the past, now we have to be continuous and score points.”

What did Cioffi give you?

“I appreciated the fact that he wanted to make young people responsible, rather than deresponsibilising senators. I am of the idea that if we are all on the gridiron and everyone wants to earn their place, then you move up the level. Every year there are many new young people who arrive and maybe they don’t know the championship, how a Serie A footballer trains. Football here is experienced at 360°, fortunately all intelligent boys have arrived who know that Udinese is the ideal place to grow and become an important player. they are made to listen immediately, time and patience are needed and above all mistakes must be allowed”.

How did you find Cioffi again?

“He has always been very enthusiastic, I know he has a lot of desire and it doesn’t rain on us. The team has changed, in his first experience it was more established. But the character of going to Salerno and playing despite the quiet ranking gives the idea of ​​what we want to do with this team: to propose our football. It is an unwritten law of football that when you change coaches everyone wants to give more. This change has brought new air, the results that were not arriving had created a negative bubble which we hope to have created explode. Many little things came together in a positive way, unlike before, such as injuries, results and form. The coach spoke a lot with me and everyone else to get an overall vision. He was very good , part psychologist and part coach. His first experience was something unexpected, now he has been given great trust, he has matured and is playing his cards 110%.”

Some of your teammates have improved after the change on the bench.

“Walace is an important player for us, you don’t see him but when you don’t have him on the pitch you realize his importance. He went through a difficult period, he had some ailments. Roberto Pereyra needed time to return to what everyone we know. Jordan Zemura had an incredible pre-season, then he had difficulties at the beginning of the season. Now he is showing his strength. Festy Ebosele I think is the fastest man in the world. I love him, he is always smiling and positive. We are trying to help him and he is improving a lot, he works with commitment. Lorenzo Lucca cannot be recovered, simply because he is not lost. He is a serious boy and has quality, we must also give him time and patience. He is playing less, but football is done like this. There will be matches in which he will be better suited than the other attackers.”

Do the goalkeepers also experience the moment with greater serenity?

“Marco Silvestri deserves to play, he had a game and a half that wasn’t up to par, then he went back to what he always was. Maybe he had gotten used to us too well before. From the first day I arrived I knew that I wouldn’t be the starter. C “It was Marco and it’s right that it should be him. But I’ve always made myself available, strengths and weaknesses, because I’m sure I can set an example for the younger kids. The sooner they understand they are professionals the better, having examples to look up to can only do them good.”

Is the dualism with Maduka Okoye more presumed than true?

“I got hurt the day before Juventus and I was out for a couple of months, so there wasn’t much competition. It’s right that the club makes its choices and looks forward. I’m 38 years old, the club he needs to think about the future. We are discovering an important goalkeeper in my opinion who needs to work, but in Italy we are the best at valorising the strengths of the role. Udinese have pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat.”

What memories do you have of the Scudetto you won with Inter and your past at Liverpool?

“Antonio Conte is an incredible coach in terms of mentality and preparation. He has his own character, but so does Rafa Benitez who I found at Liverpool. It was a wonderful experience, totally unexpected because I came from Serie B. I am from Valtellina and at the time I was playing at Crotone, my agent called me and asked if I wanted to go far away. More than that? He asked if I wanted to go to Liverpool and I immediately said yes. I faced players of the highest level. I spent six months with the first team and it was unforgettable. I will carry this experience with me forever, coming from a small town I would never have dreamed of it.”

How are you living your present in black and white?

“In the last three championship matches we have shown that everything is within reach. Then it’s up to us not to lose focus, we are still in a dangerous position. Let’s stay calm and look ahead with confidence, let’s get out of where we are and then we’ll see what happens. If we continue like this we can get some satisfaction, for sure.”

What’s in your future?

“I finished the course to become a goalkeeping coach. I’m preparing for the future, but I don’t know what I’ll like and what I’ll have the chance to do.”

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