Washington welcomes the appointment of a new government by the Palestinian Authority

“Renewal,” department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement Palestinian Authority Essential to achieving results for the Palestinian people in both West Bank and Gaza And creating conditions for stability in the broader region.”

On Thursday, the Palestinian Authority announced the formation of a new government while facing international pressure to implement reforms.

The Palestinian President revealed Mahmoud Abbasannounced the formation of the new government by a presidential decree issued Thursday.

There are no famous names among the members Palestinian government New.

Abbas was appointed Mohammed Mustafahis longtime advisor, formed a new government earlier this month.

Mustafa, a politically independent economist educated in… United Statewith formation Technocratic government Establishing an independent trust fund to assist in Reconstruction of Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority administers parts of the West Bank it occupies Israel.

The United States called for reform of the Palestinian Authority so that it would be prepared to manage the Gaza Strip after the war ended, before Establishment of a Palestinian state in the end.

Israel rejects the idea, saying it intends to maintain open security control over Gaza strip.

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