War in Gaza has left 50 journalists dead: CPJ

The Gaza war has already claimed the life of 50 journalists and media workers, most of them (45) Palestiniansaccording to the latest count from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

The last fatality was Alaa Taher Al-Hassanat, a journalist and presenter for Al Majedat Media Network, who died along with several members of his family in an Israeli bombing that directly hit his home, according to coincident testimonies from three different media outlets.

Al-Hassanat’s case joins that of many other informants who have not exactly died in the exercise of their work, but rather They have fallen in their own homes, hit by bombs dropped on civilian neighborhoods where they lived.

On October 27, a Israeli army spokesman warned to the agencies Reuters and France Presse qThey could not guarantee the safety of their journalists working in the Gaza Stripafter being asked to offer some type of professional immunity.

Ten days later, The Israeli Government even accused some journalists of complicity in the crimes committed by Hamas on October 7 in his surprise attack against Israel, for having filmed and documented part of those attacks with alleged prior knowledge.

The government press office said on Nov. 9 that AP, Reuters, CNN and The New York Times must offer explanations for the fact that their journalists “filmed the murder of civilians, the abuse of corpses and the kidnapping of men and women.” “, something that he considered “crosses all red lines, professional and moral.”

Last week CPJ, which since the beginning of the war has been documenting all the journalists killed in that conflictrecalled at its annual awards ceremony for press freedom, that journalists who cover the war in Gaza do so “in deplorable conditions”, with hardly any supplies and between bombs.

The presenter of the gala, Omar Jiménez, from CNN, paid tribute to these informants: “Despite the situation, journalists stay there because they know that they are the only way that exists to know what is happening in the world.” , given that the Israeli Government has so far prevented journalists from entering Gaza except for a few cases of reporters “embedded” with its troops.


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