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Veracruz. They rescue people who were stranded in a kayak on an island

The Marine Secretary (Semar) rescued two people who were adrift in a kayak in front of the port of Veracruz.

Semar, in its role as Coast Guardreported that its naval personnel responded to the call for help from two people who were they were adrift in a kayak type boat.

This boat had suffered damage to one of its sidesand the situation developed near the island of Sacrifices.

The Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station of Veracruz received a emergency callwhich resulted in the immediate mobilization of a type vessel Defend with trained personnel on board.

Once the naval team specialized in rescue approached the indicated place, they carried out the maneuvers necessary in order to rescue the two people.

The health status of the crew members was verified and subsequently, they were transferred to a safe port. There, the staff of Naval Health performed the corresponding medical evaluation and confirmed that they were in good health.

As a result, those affected were able backing out by their own means.


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