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Parliamentary, Public Outcry Following Assault on Kuwaiti Tourist in Türkiye’s Trabzon

Turkish authorities have reported the detention of a citizen who assaulted a Kuwaiti tourist in the city of Trabzon, located on the Black Sea in northeastern Türkiye.

The same authorities had launched an investigation into the incident, which has sparked a wave of parliamentary protests and social media outrage in Kuwait.

Kuwait’s Ambassador to Türkiye, Wael Al-Enezi, has confirmed that the embassy is closely monitoring the assault on the Kuwaiti tourist in Trabzon.

He added that the Kuwaiti citizen who was subjected to the attack is in good health and that “embassy officials are present in Trabzon to follow up on the matter.”

“Turkish authorities have shown great concern for the case, and the embassy’s legal counsel is closely monitoring the proceedings,” said Al-Enezi in media statements.

He confirmed that “Turkish authorities apprehended the suspect responsible for the assault within hours of the incident, and he is currently in custody.”

Statistics released by the Turkish Tourism Ministry reveal that the number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Türkiye during the first six months of 2023 reached 163,496 tourists.

According to a Turkish affairs account on “X”, the Kuwaiti tourist suffered a severe head injury after being attacked by Turks while he was walking with his family in Trabzon’s square.

Trabzon province affirmed on Sunday that the perpetrator of the attack was arrested and is facing a probe.

Provincial authorities explained in a statement that on the evening of September 16, a verbal altercation occurred between foreign tourists in Trabzon.

“A Turkish citizen mistakenly believed that the tourists were resisting the police officers who had intervened to calm the quarrel, so he suddenly intervened and struck a Kuwaiti tourist, causing him to fall to the ground,” they said.

The province confirmed that the police immediately apprehended and detained the suspect, and a judicial investigation has been initiated against him based on the instructions of the public prosecutor’s office in the province.

The injured Kuwaiti tourist is currently being treated at the hospital under the supervision of the province, affirmed authorities in Trabzon.

The same authorities reported that the Kuwaiti’s condition was not critical.

Kuwaiti lawmakers, however, have called on the Gulf nation’s Foreign Ministry to take swift action and strongly condemn the assault, demanding that the incident be treated with utmost seriousness.

“The brutal attack on a Kuwaiti tourist and his family in public demands, first and foremost, a rapid response from the Kuwaiti Embassy in Türkiye to provide medical care for the injured individual and ensure the protection of his family until their safe return under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Osama Al-Zaid, a Kuwaiti parliamentarian.

“Legal measures should also be taken against the assailants,” added Al-Zaid.

He emphasized that “the dignity of Kuwaiti citizens within Kuwait is safeguarded by the law, and their dignity outside its borders falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

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