Towards the end of Felice Mazzù's professional career? “I no longer have a dream in football”

After his dismissal from Anderlecht at the end of October 2022, he had already implied that he wanted to take a sabbatical. A little rest to turn this painful page. But the alignment of the stars and the call from Mehdi Bayat had decided otherwise. It didn't take hours of arguing to convince him to succeed Edward Still in Charleroi and thus get back on the bike very quickly, a few weeks after falling off it. Too bad if the scars were still alive…

Its rating has necessarily fallen

Man with a big heart, Mazzù has been damaged and exhausted by so many years in an environment whose hypocrisy he regrets.It did not detract from my passion but from the caring, kind and generous man that I naturally was,” he admitted to us aside. A few years ago, he could have succumbed to a project abroad. Tracks may have existed in France, Italy and the Gulf.

Christophe Franken's comment: Felice Mazzù should have resigned from Charleroi at the Ghelamco Arena

In the meantime, privately, we know that the death of his mother Anna, in the summer of 2021, changed his outlook on life. The end of his adventure at Union, then at Anderlecht, supported this idea. Mazzù favored family life and today is no longer ready to make any concessions. “I no longer have a dream in football”, he said recently.

His last dream was to end his coaching career at Charleroi on a positive note and to be able to take his dad – who lives barely 1 kilometer from Mambourg – in the future new stadium whose erection is planned for 2027. He will have the opportunity to accompany her there, but as a simple spectator.

Because, unfortunately, things did not go as hoped this season. And obviously, given the bitter failure of Sporting plunged into the playdowns, its rating has inevitably fallen. Which club will take the gamble of relaunching it? Will he even have the desire and the courage?

The idea of ​​a long, perhaps permanent break from professional football may cross his mind. You will then have to accept having ended your career, punctuated by some successes, with failure.

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