Tips to make your car’s fuel last up to 50 kilometers longer

If you are one of the people who seeks to maximize tank capacity when refueling, surely you will find these tips useful. First of all, it is important to know that modern tanks They are designed to hold fuel up to the tube refueling safely; In fact, they incorporate systems to prevent overflows and risks.

Essential advice for make the most of fuel is avoid waiting for the tank to be in reserve to refuel. The ideal is to do it when the level drops a little more than half. Given the fuels tend to evaporate quickly, If the tank is too empty, more space is created for evaporation, which can result in fuel leak when opening the cap. The smaller the amount of fuel, the greater the evaporation.

Another useful trick is to consider the force with which the lever is pressed when refuelingr. While we are trying to fill the tank, it is recommended to press the lever completely at the beginning to speed up the process, but just before reaching the end, the pressure should be reduced by half. This technique helps minimize foaming in the tank, which could otherwise prevent it from being completely filled.

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