This Premier League sanction that could change everything

The ten-point penalty imposed on Everton by the Premier League is far from anecdotal. It highlights, in any case, the desire of the most powerful championship on the football planet to enforce this famous financial fair play which we talk about so much but which, until now, has hardly moved the lines. In recent years, with the emergence of external investors and permanent escalations in budgets and transfers, football has entered a new era. In the hands of billionaires in search of ego, mysterious hedge funds or even sovereign states wishing to improve their image, the biggest clubs often live on feet that are far too big with, upstream, a real danger of slipping. By banging its fist on the table, the Premier League has clearly displayed its new intentions. Concretely, she criticizes Everton for an excessive deficit (more than 140 million euros in three years). When we know that Chelsea, Manchester United and, above all, Manchester City present even more nebulous reports, we can wonder what future sanctions hang over their heads? And if this “made in England” episode encouraged UEFA to be a little harsh towards these bad students who, by dint of taking money out of who knows which pocket, are completely distorting the healthy development of the football and create an unhealthy bubble? To be continued…

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