They are not collecting signatures to expel 6+6, say Polakis and Giorgos Tsipras

The EPEKE coordinator of SYRIZA-PS, Pavlos Polakis, and the director of the parliamentary group, Giorgos Tsipras, deny that they are collecting signatures to limit the flight of members and executives with the Ahtsioglou group.

In a publication of the “iefimerida” website, it is noted that a close circle of supporters of Stefanos Kasselakis, with George Tsipras and Pavlos Polakis in the background, are circulating a text calling on all those who think about it to leave SYRIZA and the Ahtsioglou group to remain in the party .

In a joint statement, Pavlos Polakis and George Tsipras deny that they are “collecting signatures” in order to “reduce the impact of the mass flight of members and executives who join the Ahtsioglou group”.

“Even the refutation is unnecessary. The malice of the sources of the publication is confirmed by the “mass exodus” that exists only in the imagination of the sources’ wishful thinking”, note the two SYRIZA-PS officials.

Pavlos Polakis and George Tsipras

They add that “otherwise it is positive that their imagination did not reach the point of showing President Stefanos Kasselakis himself and/or the Central Committee collecting signatures within the party in favor of themselves”.

Finally, they underline that “we hope that next time the information of the “sources” will be better checked in order to avoid extreme fake news”.

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