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The United Nations resolves the controversy over the energy goal of “sustainable development”

In 2015, year Paris climate agreement One of the most prominent foundations of global collective action to confront… Climate changeThe United Nations has set 17 goals that must be achieved within 15 years, that is, by 2030.

Resolving the debate about “energy transition”

Perhaps Goal No. 7 is the most prominent in the media, because of what some “environmental activists” are doing, and for other reasons detailed in a podcast episode. Zero carbonIn which sustainability and climate change expert, engineer Imad Saad, explained the priority of the “gradual transition” towards increasing the contribution of renewable and new energy resources to the energy mix around the world, and even the immediate complete abandonment of traditional energy sources is not the best solution.

Only 15 percent of goals are on track

Days after confirming that “the climate is indeed collapsing,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres anticipates the 78th United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York by saying that only 15 percent of the goals sustainable development The 17 are on the right track to be achieved within less than 7 years, and there are even goals whose progress is declining.

Here, Goal No. 7 related to energy emerges positively, as the report of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs for the year 2023 states that the goal has reached about 60 percent of achievement.

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