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The Mercury’s Sound Off for Wednesday, Jan. 25 – The Mercury

As I read the Sunday front-page story on the 2 homeless “school bus” people, my heart was breaking for them. But their story as they tell it isn’t ringing true. The Massachusetts minimum wage is $15 an hour, not $5. Why would you drive 300 miles to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts to get insulation for a bus? Isn’t there insulation in Massachusetts? Like many homeless, this is about year after year of bad personal choices.

John Donegan

Two homeless people in a bus don’t have enough money to care for themselves, let alone 3 dogs. They have 3 dogs that require vet visits, food, and shelter and that isn’t cheap. I have very little sympathy for these 2 folks. They are being stupid, lazy, and selfish. Then they endanger not only themselves but the 3 dogs as well.


It’s almost 8 months after the horrific explosion near Hale and Butler streets. in Pottstown and officials are telling us they still haven’t identified the cause. Are they serious? If they can’t then they should retain a private sector company that can. If PECO is found at fault, the borough should sue for damages. If it is found to be the result of some nefarious activity every step necessary should be taken to identify the cause.

Google is slashing 12,000 jobs (6% of their entire workforce), Amazon just cut 18,000 jobs, Microsoft just canned 10,000 employees, and Facebook fired 11,000 workers last month — 51,000 jobs from just 4 companies. And Dementia Joe says the economy is doing just fine. Even worse, the Democrat Party, mainstream media, and butthurt Trump-Deranged progressives believe what Dopey Joe says.

Feeling Blue

A comment about Upper Pottsgrove meetings. The agenda for meetings has been sent out by email for many years but I have not received the email for months. The commissioners’ president says there is no secrecy about the building program. My question is what happen to the agenda coming out at least a weekend before the meeting as was the practice so people can prepare questions and receive his shortcut answers?

On Saturday, the FBI minus a SWAT team arrived at Joe Biden’s home and found more classified documents. We don’t know if they found them in the Corvette glove box or elsewhere, but the FBI finally got to search Biden’s house after Biden hid the documents for at least 6 years.

Michael Stern

Joe Biden says there is no there, there when it comes to his sloppy classified document storage, but does Joe Biden even know where there is?

Billy G.

Hey, did you get a load of the numskulls that McCarthy chose for his simpleminded committees? Taylor Greene, Gaetz, Gosar, little Jimmy Jordan, and numerous other embarrassments will lead the circus. This will be a joke to the American people. God Bless Hakeem Jeffries!


Glory be, more classified documents were found at the Biden house. And poor Joe had no clue they were there. But he is “cooperating.” Poor Joe never cleaned his office or garage or library in 7 years or so, because when I do that I always find stuff I didn’t know I had. Surely fluorescent orange or red or yellow classified folders might stand out.

Ruth Mutter

In case you missed it, I just caught this 20-second news tidbit. The Virginia school teacher who was shot in a classroom by a 6-year-old has been released from the hospital and is on the road to recovery. If she was a professional athlete, we would have heard about her injury update every day of the week, and her release would have been the top story.

Oh my gosh, California is really going crazy. Now the crazy, radical, loony Democrats running San Francisco want to pay “reparations” to every African American over the age of 18. The amount that the Democrats think is appropriate is $5 million per person. That’s right $5 million! That is an estimated 200 billion dollars just for San Francisco. Good luck, Democrats.

Nancy Lessig

From Qasid Rashid: “DeSantis banning AP African American studies is a reminder of that old quote ‘White Privilege when your history is the curriculum and every other history is an elective.’” So true.


Well guess what — Florida has strict voter ID requirements, strict laws against voter fraud, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots sent to every voter; no ballot drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, no ballots accepted for days after Election Day and no count for days until the desired result is achieved by the Democrat Party. Let’s insist on the same rules for PA, AZ, and NV.

So, JB from Limerick, your solution to the debt ceiling problem is to do nothing? Or better yet let’s pass another Increase Inflation Act for another 2-3 Trillion. Thank goodness for Joe Manchin’s vote against Pelosi’s $4 trillion bills that were defeated or we would be $35 trillion in the hole. Spending has to be reduced or one day, your $20 bill will be worth 20 cents.

Now that the MAGA extremists have control of the house, and will not budge to raise the debt limit let’s hear where they want to cut spending. Will it be Social Security or Medicare or veterans benefits? Remember they had no problem raising the limit at least 4 times while having record deficits under Con Don! Please tell us what you want.

JB in Limerick

Biden is using the Alec Baldwin defense: “I don’t know who is responsible for this, all I know is it’s not me!”

To the anonymous writer who questioned the Windmill Farm Geological Survey theory causing the beached whales in New Jersey. There are many articles to find on Google. The articles are written by experts. Here is just one: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11641473/Experts-fear-wind-farm-surveys-confusing-whales-seven-washed-died-month.html.


I have to deal with a dissolving paper straw in my Big Gulp while dozens of billionaires take a day trip on their private jets to attend a climate change pontification seminar. I can’t wait to hear their new pronouncements on how to save the planet. Maybe Al Gore will tell us again how we’re all going to die from climate change by 2012.


When a law is not enforced, it is useless.

Night Light

Straight from the Fox News echo chamber and the NY Times’ report on Friday:  The DOJ asked Biden’s personal attorneys to search for additional documents in order to hide the scandal from public view. You mean that the personal attorneys didn’t just “find them and then turn them over”? Sounds like a DOJ cover-up to me. Sounds like the DOJ wasn’t acting independently or properly. Sounds like corruption to me.

Jane Batdorf

In my life, if I’d waited to get “my ducks in a row,” I’d never have gotten anywhere. Sometimes you just have to gather up what you got and make a “run for it!”

Jim Fitch

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