The controversial kiss… Rubiales confirms that he did not pressure Hermoso

And he said Rubialis In an interview broadcast Wednesday evening on the channel “La Sexta”: “No one will be able to prove that a member of the union committed forced labor.” Jenny Hermoso“, according to Agence France-Presse.

Last Wednesday, the Public Prosecution demanded two and a half years in prison against the former strongman of Spanish football, opening the way for a possible trial: one year on charges of sexual assault, due to a kiss on the lips imposed on Gini Hermoso immediately after Spain won the title. Women's World Cup On August 20, he was sentenced to a year and a half for coercion, a crime that refers to the “pressure” that was exerted on the player to convince her to say that the kiss was with her consent, according to the Public Prosecution.

Three other people from the union are being tried in this case on the same charge of coercion.

Rubiales also said on the same program: “I cannot understand how this can be classified as Sexual assault“, adding that the kiss took place “after winning the World Cup, between two friends, this is what Mrs. Hermoso, with whom I have a relationship of trust and friendship,” said AFP.

Rubiales reiterated once again that he asked Jenny Hermoso if he could kiss her before doing so, stressing that “the sexual assaulter did not ask this question, and there was no sexual context.”

Rubiales explained that Hermoso did not attach any importance to these the kiss At first, before she changed her mind under pressure.

He concluded, “My conscience is clear. Things have taken exaggerated proportions.”

For her part, it was Hermoso who, against her will, became a global symbol of the fight against… Sexual violenceShe said she “felt vulnerable and the victim of a reckless and sexual act, inappropriate and without any consent on her part.”

Since the recent reform of the Spanish Penal Code, a non-consensual kiss can be considered a sexual assault, a criminal category that brings together all types of sexual violence, including: Rape.

Rubiales' kiss on the lips of the Spanish player, number 10, in front of the cameras of the whole world, a few minutes after La Roja won the World Cup last August in Sydney, sparked a wave of discontent in Spain and abroad, forcing Rubiales to resign the following month.

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