The Best Maces in DD2, Ranked


  • Maces in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are best for Fighters; Bane of Bones is great early-game against undead foes.
  • Threaded Cudgel offers pure power with high damage output and knockdown power for players who seek it.
  • Molten Fury reigns supreme as the best mace in the game, dealing significant damage with fire elemental bonus.

Wielded by those who have chosen the Fighter Vocation, maces are one-handed weapons that, like swords, are best used alongside an accompanying shield. A mace may be suitable if players are considering Fighter but are reluctant to use a sword. There are only 5 maces currently in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but there will be one suitable, no matter what section of the game a player has reached.


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With only 5 to choose from, not including the enhancements each weapon can receive, this list can go into more detail than normal and examine the quality of a weapon, as well as detailing the multiple ways that players can get their hands on them. This includes locations in chests, the price in shops and the chance it can drop from certain enemy types.

5 Bane Of Bones

Deadly Against The Undead

Fighter performing a jumping thrust in Dragon's Dogma 2

  • Strength: 145
  • Magick: 0
  • Knockdown Power: 160

Bane of Bones is a weapon that those with the Fighter Vocation should be able to find fairly early in the game. It is available in various shops for 9,800 gold and can be found in Vermund near an abandoned house in the Misty Marshes. This weapon offers the lowest core strength of any mace and therefore takes place at the bottom of the list, but it is still a useful weapon.

The Bane of Bones mace offers a surprisingly good Knockdown power that is higher than other weapons on this list and has what the game describes as an added advantage against ‘skeletal fiends’. Finally, once players upgrade to either a sword or the next mace on this list, they can sell it for 3,270 gold or give it an NPC as a gift to gain 10 points of favor.

4 Threaded Cudgel

Pure Power

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Trying To Hit A Harpy Midair

  • Strength: 240
  • Magick: 0
  • Knockdown Power: 300

With a very high strength stat and an extremely high knockdown power stat, the Threaded Cudgel is a powerful weapon that provides a high damage output whilst sweeping enemies off their feet. This is reflected in its weight stats, which, at 7.4 kg, is over double the weight of the Bane of Bones. It can’t do much more than this, but for some players, this will be what they will be looking for.


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Available for 38,500 gold, players’ best bet to acquire this weapon is to head to Awaren’s Arms in Bakbattahl. If an upgrade is eventually needed, this weapon can be given to an NPC for 30 favor. This can potentially make the next weapon purchase cheaper, as vendors will offer a discount of up to 10% depending on their opinion of the player.

3 Labyrinthus

Best Suited For Precise Players

Dragon's Dogma 2 Minotaur fighting player

  • Strength: 235
  • Magick: 0
  • Knockdown Power: 275

The Labyrinthus is available from the shop for 42,500 gold, making it an especially expensive weapon, particularly when considering its capabilities. Players should find and slay Minotaurs and attempt to get lucky, as the beasts have an 11.9% chance of dropping this weapon when defeated. If players get this drop having already got the weapon, they can sell one for 14,710 gold.

Stats-wise, it is very similar to the Threaded Cudgel, but the Labyrinthus has an added additional bonus of being especially useful against charging foes. This makes it more suitable for those looking for precision strikes over the pure power offered by the previous weapon.

2 The Exalted

Death In One Blow

the exalted in dragon dogma 2

  • Strength: 260
  • Magick: 120
  • Knockdown Power: 100

The Exalted is a weapon that greatly enhances both the player’s physical and magick damage output. This very high damage more than makes up for relatively poor Knockdown Power. Imbued with a holy damage element, ‘its holy enchantment cleanses all it touches.’


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This late-game weapon can be bought for 43,800 gold but can be acquired for free from a certain location. Head on the southern road from Bakbattahl until you reach a cave called Drabnir’s Grove. The weapon can be found inside. Enhancements to this weapon will prioritize its damage and can reach as high as 409 and 260 in strength and magick, respectively.

1 Molten Fury

Best In Class

molten fury in dragon dogma 2

  • Strength: 275
  • Magick: 200
  • Knockdown Power: 265

Molten Fury is not only the best mace in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it is most likely the best weapon that the Fighter vocation can wield. This mace deals significant damage and, with the added fire elemental damage, specializes in defeating cold-based fiends. A bonus over ‘The Exalted’ is that here there is no payoff required for high damage. The knockdown power is as good as any other one-handed weapon.

To acquire this special weapon players can do one of two things: firstly first, they can buy this weapon for 48,800 gold, or they can head to the Mountain Base Cave (located at the southernmost part of the map). Players will also come across Cinderspine in the same cave, a late-game hammer used by the warrior vocation.

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