The Best 32-inch Monitors in 2024

Choosing the best monitor screen size is a chore in itself, but if you have already made up your mind regarding the screen size, filtering down to the best monitor for your needs becomes much easier. A 32-inch screen size is great for an immersive experience without being too big on the desk. On a 32-inch screen size, visual elements become clearer and help you to see little details comfortably.


The Best Gaming Monitors In 2024

Gaming monitors are one of the most important purchases to make as part of a gamer’s journey on a console or PC. The Game Rant Team can help!

Fortunately, 32-inch monitors are available in various styles and resolutions, including flat, curved, and can be found with various display panels. Whether you want to play games while sitting near the desk or on a couch, or if you are a professional who needs great color accuracy for content creation, Game Rant’s hardware team has an option for every budget.

Game Rant’s Picks for the Best 32-inch Gaming Monitors in 2024

best gaming monitor deals

Best Overall 32-inch Monitor

Samsung 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 Gaming Monitor

$894 $1300 Save $406

The Samsung 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 features Quantum Matrix Technology and UHD resolution. These technologies work together to deliver a crystal-clear picture with high-quality colors. The monitor also has a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. These specs contribute to smoother and more responsive gameplay.

The display of the Odyssey Neo G8 is matte which reduces glare. The monitor’s 1000R curvature is designed to mirror the human eye for the optimal viewing angle.

Screen Size

4k (3840×2160)

Max. Refresh Rate
240 Hz


Response Time
1 ms


  • Deep curve for immersive view
  • Unparalleled HDR
  • Very high refresh rate

  • Quite expensive
  • No built-in speakers

From a plethora of available 32-inch monitors, finding a monitor that not only excels in color reproduction, HDR, or contrast for vivid details but also has premium features for the best gaming experience is somewhat difficult. The Odyssey Neo G8 brings all these specialties in one place, taking the viewing experience to a new height. The Neo G8 isn’t your regular FHD or QHD display, but features a UHD resolution for sharper image quality.

To further enhance it, the Quantom Dot layer is used that helps it reach a whopping 2000 nits of brightness in the HDR mode. So, if you are working or gaming in a well-lit room, or even under direct sunlight, you will be able to see everything clearly. The matte display further reduces the light reflection, while the 1000R curvature wraps around the field of view naturally for more immersion. The movements will be absolutely fluid too, thanks to the 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Overall, competitive gaming is going to be perfect on this monitor.

best gaming monitor deals

Best Budget 32-inch Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming VG32AQA1A Gaming Monitor

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG32AQA1A is a gaming monitor designed with professional players in mind. At 31.5 inches with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, this monitor delivers crisp and detailed visuals. An additional feature includes the capability to overclock to a 170Hz refresh rate, promoting smoother and more immersive gameplay.

This monitor also boasts a 1 ms response time, which makes the picture nearly lag-free and offers smooth game visuals. ASUS’ proprietary Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology is incorporated into the display, mitigating ghosting and motion blur. 

Screen Size
32 inch


Max. Refresh Rate


Response Time
1ms MPRT


  • High refresh rate
  • FreeSync Premium Support
  • Has HDR support

  • Stand isn’t very ergonomic
  • GtG response time is slow

It’s totally possible to own a 32-inch monitor for an affordable price, and while there are a couple of sub-$200 32-inch monitors, we don’t recommend them as they only boast FHD resolution and have to sacrifice a lot of handy features to cut the cost. The Asus Tuf gaming monitor is a bit over $300, but has a QHD resolution for better picture quality on a VA panel that is responsive and boasts an excellent contrast ratio.


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The brightness is also sufficient, but with HDR support, the clarity will improve a bit more. The HDR isn’t the best here, but it’s better than having only FHD quality. The monitor is suited more for the gamers who want bigger elements on their screen and want a high refresh rate for fluidity without breaking their budget too badly. This Asus Tuf gaming monitor’s 170Hz refresh rate, along with FreeSync Premium support, successfully delivers tear-free transitions to the next frames at a reasonable price.

High refresh rate displays are pretty common these days, but displays with 4K resolution tend to max out at 144Hz. For higher refresh rates, you will have to pay nearly $700+ if you want to keep the 4K resolution. THe MSI MEG 323UPF is an exception, boasting up to 160Hz refresh rate for just over $500. The monitor isn’t just a regular VA or IPS one, but uses the Rapid IPS panel to up the responsiveness. IPS displays generally provide a 4ms GtG response time, but this one has 1ms GtG response time to transition quickly to the next frame.

This makes it a perfect monitor for professional gaming that is free from any ghosting. With FreeSync Premium Pro support, expect it to be as responsive as without adaptive sync turned on but without any tearing. If you aren’t a gamer or if you need good specifications for work or watching movies in general, the MEG 323UPF won’t disappoint. A wide color gamut, along with HDR600, supports improved clarity in the picture quality.

The KTC 32-inch monitor has reached new heights with its terrific connectivity features that include tons of ports for display output and peripheral connection. Apart from being outstanding in its display quality, the connectivity also stands out, as it boasts a USB Type C port, offering 45W charging for your fast-charging devices. It also comes with KVM support to allow quickly switching to different devices, a feature which is not found on most monitors.


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Coming to its display, the monitor uses a Fast IPS panel with a Mini LED layer to improve its brightness and color accuracy significantly. You get an incredibly wide color gamut, featuring various color spaces like 100% sRGB, 98% DCI-P3, and 99% Adobe RGB. Plus, it has HDR1000 support that is easier to work with in well-lit rooms and makes the picture quality even more vivid. So, if you like to invest in excellent color grading, the KTC monitor will be perfect for you.

When it comes to picture quality, nothing beats an OLED panel. Sure, monitors with OLED panels are expensive, but they have each pixel acting as an individual light source. This creates a thousand times better contrast than found on regular displays. The INNOCN OLED monitor not only delivers highly vivid image quality, but extremely color accurate visuals too, with 6-axis color correction and Delta E<1 accuracy, creating true blacks for richer image quality.

This is why this monitor is ideal for color graders who do professional graphic designing and video editing work. With an ergonomic stand, you can easily tilt, swivel or adjust its height to suit your requirements and reduce eye strain with its eye-care feature to work longer. Connectivity is also excellent, and speakers are loud enough to replace budget PC speakers. It can be quite too heavy on your pocket but will keep you ahead in your work.

Gaming at 4K resolution is very demanding and while only 4K resolution looks best on a 32-inch monitor, 1440p isn’t too bad and is easier on the hardware. If you are looking to maximize your gaming performance without limiting the fluidity, picture quality, or immersion, the Corsair Xeneon monitor is one of the best 32-inch gaming monitors out there that runs at an incredibly high refresh rate of 240Hz and is decently responsive. It does fall behind in its GtG response time, but the MPRT is 1ms.


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The wide color gamut, HDR support, and FreeSync Premium, all enhance the gaming experience drastically in one way or another. Also, with an ergonomic stand, you can adjust the screen no matter how you want to sit in front of it and the monitor will be free of wobble. It’s recommended that you have at least an RTX 4070 or higher for smooth gameplay, and there are some great $2000 gaming builds that will be ideal for this monitor.

Things to Consider When Buying a 32-inch Monitor

Resolution: Higher resolution is always better when you are buying a big display. 32-inch isn’t a typical size where 1080p resolution will look decent. Instead, it’s recommended that you go straight for the 4K resolution or at least 1440p if you are on a budget or know that your computer won’t be able to handle too many pixels.

Color Gamut and Accuracy: Color reproduction has become uncompromisable. With enthusiasts looking for displays that not only provide clear details but also more colors with accuracy, looking for how big the color spaces are and how accurate the result will be with respect to the reference image colors is crucial. Washed out colors or inaccurate color reproduction can significantly impact your work if you are a professional. Therefore, we have carefully analyzed and selected displays that excel in color reproduction.

HDR Support: HDR or High Dynamic Range is for improving the clarity along with the brightness levels. Simply increasing the brightness generally results in inaccuracies that may introduce unnecessary brightness where not needed. HDR works differently and improves the picture quality on an individual-element basis by incorporating dynamic range, color gamut, and bit depth.

Ergonomics: Monitors with stands that are wobbly and don’t allow versatile adjustments will always be difficult to work with. An ergonomic monitor allows height adjustment according to individual needs, swivel, tilt, and rotation.

Responsiveness and Refresh Rate: Monitors that are highly responsive are not only highly productive but provide an edge in competitive gaming. Still, we don’t necessarily recommend 1ms response time for professional monitors as there is less need for that. Gaming monitors generally have a much higher need for quick response and a high refresh rate to provide smooth movements on the screen. 32-inch monitors that boast 4K resolution will hardly reach a 200Hz refresh rate, but 1440p monitors can be found with a 240Hz refresh rate.


Q: Is a 32-inch monitor too small for 4K?

No, a 32-inch monitor is rather perfect for 4K resolution. It will be big for better clarity and sharper in image quality. 32-inch display size is the most popular screen size for 4K resolution.

Q: Is 27″ or 32″ monitor better for gaming?

27-inch monitors are generally better for gaming if you are sitting near to your desk. 32-inch monitors are more suitable for couch gaming or if the display is curved for better immersion.

Q: Is 32 inch too big for PC?

Depends on how far you are going to sit in front of your monitor. If you sit too close, you will need to move your eyes frequently to see what’s near the edges but if you sit for instance, a meter apart, it’s going to be much easier to catch everything in a single glance.

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