the Belgian Prime Minister files a complaint after a “call for murder” against him on the radio

The presenter of a Flemish radio station, sacked the day after his statement, mentioned the assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. He then considered that such action was “possible”, “despite security measures” in Belgium. For the head of the Belgian government, Alexander De Croo, it is nothing more and nothing less than a “call to violence”. He also announced that he had filed a complaint.

You too, try your luck to ” to come down “ the Belgian Prime Minister is roughly speaking the message sent by the presenter of a local Flemish radio station, Radio Waregem 1, this Wednesday, May 15. As he recounted the attempted murder
t occurred the same day against the Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico, the host claimed that such an act was ” possible “, “despite security measures”. “And so I would say ‘go for it’”he concluded, while referring to the head of the Belgian government
Alexander De Croo, candidate for re-election in the legislative elections of June 9.

The day after this declaration, the Prime Minister announced that he had filed a complaint with the police in Waregem, a town in West Flanders. “If freedom of expression is sacred, calling for violence is punishable”estimated Alexander De Croo.

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Furthermore, the radio announced that it had “immediately suspended” his employee, deploring his “inappropriate remarks”. “The presenter said he wanted to be humorous but it was not perceived as such at all” and he “apologizes to the listeners and to Waregem 1”added Radio Waregem 1 in a press release published on its site.

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