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Generalization of online power of attorney?

Towards a generalization? This Monday, April 22, Matignon indicated the government's wish Attal to make the online proxy available for all elections, as will be the case during the European election next June. Since the middle of the month, it is in fact possible, as long as you have a new version of identity card (the one in bank card format), to give your power of attorney for Europeans without having to travel, then , in a police station or gendarmerie brigade.

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The Prime Minister should announce this Tuesday, April 23, that this possibility will be open to the next elections, in particular the municipal elections in 2026 and the presidential election in 2027, Matignon said. On this occasion, he will go to Sceaux, in Hauts-de-Seine, to visit one of the 2,700 France Services houses, these structures allowing users to get help with most of their administrative procedures. A new wave of opening of these places should also be unveiled, further explained the cabinet of Gabriel Attal, who will also discuss the implementation of an artificial intelligence tool, developed internally, to help public agents to guide users.

Threats against the principal of Ravel high school

A hearing which takes place more than a month after the events. While the principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school, in Paris, left his position for security reasons, a 26-year-old young man will appear before the criminal court of the capital, this Tuesday, April 23, for having threatened to kill him on social networks. Born in June 1997, the defendant is on trial for the offense of public provocation without effect to commit intentional harm to life, for comments made on the social network X.

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The case dates back to February 28, when the former principal, still in office at the time, reminded three students of their obligation to remove the veil within the school grounds. “ My sister told me about it earlier. It's crazy. This dog must be burned alive », he blurted out on the web after the head of the establishment had reminded his little sister of the obligation to remove her veil in the school grounds. Summoned for immediate appearance on March 12 and placed under judicial supervision, the defendant had requested time to prepare his defense, the court then deciding to postpone the hearing until this Tuesday. According to the Penal Code, he faces up to five years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

In the United Kingdom, a bill to deport migrants

It's official: on Tuesday night, April 23, the British Parliament adopted a bill for the expulsion to Rwanda of asylum seekers who entered the United Kingdom illegally. A text announced two years ago by the conservative government of Rishi Sunak and voted after an endless battle between the upper house and the lower house. Presented as a flagship measure to combat illegal immigration, this project aims, in concrete terms, to return to Rwanda migrants (wherever they come from) who entered the United Kingdom illegally, in particular by crossing the Channel on canoes.

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Accompanied by a new agreement between London and Kigali, which provides for the payment of substantial sums to Rwanda in exchange for welcoming migrants, the text debated in the British Parliament also aimed to respond to the conclusions of the Supreme Court, which had ruled initial illegal project last November. This notably defines Rwanda as a safe third country, although its president Paul Kagame is accused of governing in a climate of fear in the face of his opponents.

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