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“Tense game, we want to earn salvation”

The coach of the Verona club spoke at a press conference in preparation for Sunday’s match against Empoli

Hellas Verona, Zaffaroni: "Tense game, we want to earn salvation"

© photo by Federico De Luca 2023

L’Hellas Verona challenge theEmpoli in the lunch match at 12:30 on Sunday 28 May, for a match of fundamental importance for the Scala family with a view to salvation. Marco Zaffaroni spoke at the press conference to present the match. Here are his statements:

A back-to-the-wall game in which everything is decided: how do you get there, especially with your head?
It will be a very important match. Just being able to play it is a lot of stuff: we have followed a path that has brought us here. The team has prepared well, we have to get there with the right tension: I’m talking about positive tension, the one that makes you make the right choices, perceive danger when it exists. It shouldn’t block our legs or cloud our thinking. We face a team in great condition, which has won three in the last four: lately they have changed the system, and have excellent individuals.

Simple says that they and Lecce deserve to be saved more than you.
It’s the field that will tell. We want to deserve it on the field.

Many fans are expected in Peschiera tomorrow. Will it be an extra push?
The audience is an important component in achieving this goal. It must be lived with extreme naturalness, it must not put tension on it. Indeed, it must create the right enthusiasm.

What creates the most tension: your match or that of La Spezia?
We have to focus on our race. Then obviously we will watch Spezia, but we have to focus on what we have to do on the pitch. It’s a game that causes tension from an emotional point of view, but the key will be being able to manage this emotion.

You have only one result available.
The goal we must have is to put everything into it to play the game. Let’s not forget that we face a level team: we will have to try to win, but this doesn’t mean losing the balance we must always have. We had an overall positive game against Atalanta, what we had to manage better was the segment of the match after the 2-1 draw, in which there was a bit of discouragement. The team must have the strength to always stay in the game.

There will be a lot of people at the Bentegodi on Sunday. Will you be taking a little more risk than usual? In the event of a tie on three points, you would be the one to avoid the playoff.
We have to think about this race. The fans are a fundamental component, but it is logical that they need a team that ignites them and brings them to their side through performances. Beyond the quality of the performance, what the fan wants is to fight for ninety minutes: from this point of view, we can’t go wrong.

In Bergamo he entrusted himself to a few young people. Is it a repeatable solution, or is this too delicate a challenge?
From here to the end everyone’s contribution will be needed, and from this point of view these choices too are consistent with this thought. We had a great expenditure of nervous energy, some ailments were to be taken into account.

How is Verdi doing? Can Lazovic recover for Milan?
Verdi differentiated himself for a few days, in the last few sessions he trained as a group. Darko had a minor problem, the hope of being able to recover for next Sunday is there.

How did you see Montipò during the week?
I saw him serene: those are injuries that must be taken into account. A high-level goalkeeper like him will certainly have analyzed him from a technical point of view, but I’m sure he’ll be able to react well, he’s a great professional.

Can you take stock of the injuries?
Lazovic was added to last Saturday’s absentees. The others are all available, and are loaded and ready to face this race.”

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