Ten scientific ways to please women

Intelligence is a great asset. Humor is an unbeatable asset. But physical attraction is the holy grail for all moderns men.

Unfortunately, as it says Gentleman’s Journalunless you were born with piercing Pierce Brosnan eyes, George Clooney cheekbones, and Tom Hiddleston hair, you’re pretty much stuck with your luck.

But if for whatever reason you want to up the ante on your personal charm, science has come up with the following ten ways to achieve it.

Wear something red

An easy and effective solution is to wear something red, of any shade or depth. A 2010 American Psychological Association study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that women find men who dare to wear… red more attractive and more prestigious.

Grow a beard (not a beard)

Stop shaving for a few days. In 2013, a research team at the University of New South Wales asked 400 women to view and rate photos of the same men, all of whom had different lengths of facial hair. Her findings, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, showed that beards (those of three days old) clearly gain female attention.

Correct posture

Take a deep breath and get up from the chair. If you want to appear more attractive to the opposite sex, scientists from the University of California recommend that you present yourself taller and straighter. According to the relevant study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a stretched torso and outstretched arms indicate dominance that seduces women.

Smile in moderation

You may not believe it, but science is not wrong. Sociologists at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, who analyzed the expressions of over 1,000 men’s faces, found that while smiling women are proven to win the bet, men like it when they have a serious expression.

Line at the gym

It’s no secret that abs, although not a requirement, are well liked. A 2019 study by researchers at the Toulouse Institute for Advanced Studies who wanted to clarify which muscles steal women’s attention concluded that women first look at the abs, then the glutes, then the familiar abs, biceps, shoulders, triceps , calves, deltoids, quadriceps, pectorals, latissimus dorsi, forearms, tibialis anterior and finally the trapezius!

Sweat fearlessly

Although most of us think of sweat as an annoying side effect of the heat or workouts, a 2007 study from the University of California proves otherwise. Specifically, researchers found that the smell of a chemical called “androstadienone” found in men’s sweat attracts women like bees to honey, which is why it’s called the love hormone.

Prove your jaw

A 2018 study, carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow and published in the journal Psychological Science, identified as the most desirable “masculine” facial features, small eyes, large noses and strong eyebrows, but first of all a square jaw.

Signs everywhere

Like the sweat above, a scar is usually something everyone tries to hide. And yet, in 2008, psychologists from the universities of Liverpool and Stirling discovered that men who were 5.7% more attractive to women than the rest had a visible scar on their cheek, jaw or forehead. “It represents strength or bravery in a man,” explains psychologist Rob Barris.

Nice teeth

While smiling in men may not be considered an attractive feature, nice teeth, ones that don’t step on each other and of course clean breath are considered undeniably sexy, according to a 2012 study from the University of Leeds.

Darker hair

A 2018 study published in Florida Scientist and authored by the University of Tampa’s College of Natural and Health Sciences revealed that 71% of women find brown hair on men more appealing to women. Only 23% of women chose the blonde participants and just 6% the redheads.

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