Surprise.. The Houthis bomb a ship carrying corn to Iran

The company added that the tanker the goods She was injured and some were injured Damages On her right side.

She said Ambre Initially, the tanker detected a projectile near it, 23 nautical miles to the northeast of Khor Anjar in Djibouti and 40 nautical miles to Southwest From the Yemeni coastal city of Mokha on the Red Sea.

Ambry explained that there are indications that the ship It was heading to Bandar city Imam Khomeini in Iran.

She added, “The group that owns and operates the tanker carries out regular commercial operations for bulk cargo with Iran, so it has been estimated that it is a potential destination.”

Ambrey said that the group that owned the tanker was listed on the US Nasdaq index, which was considered the possible reason for the attack.

The British Maritime Trade Operations Authority said early Monday that it had received a report of an incident 40 nautical miles south of Mocha, as the ship reported being attacked by two missiles.

The British Authority said that the crew was not harmed and that the ship was sailing towards the next port of call.

The Houthis say their attacks come in response to Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.

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