Super Bowl 2024 adverts taken over by AI

 (USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con)

(USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con)

Adverts featuring artificial intelligence have dominated the Super Bowl 2024 commercials.

Each year they are watched by approximately more than 113 million Americans, and this year brands including Microsoft and Etsy used the ads to promote their AI tools.

Google revealed its new ‘AI guided frame’ feature for the partially sighted, which is designed to help users take a photo on their smartphone using audio instructions.

Bodyarmour made light of AI-generated videos in its advert, using blurry, distorted animations of American footballers, to promote their hydration drink with ‘no artificial flavours’.

And we even saw AI being used in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Despicable Me 4 movie, with minions playing around with AI-image creators.

The world’s first AI child has been unveiled by scientists in China.

TongTong which means ‘little girl’ has been developed by experts at the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence.

TongTong allegedly possesses the emotional development and cognitive ability of a three- or four-year-old human child, has a vocabulary of more than 600 words, and the ability to learn autonomously like a child.

Following the demise of the Peregrine spacecraft destined for the moon just a few weeks ago, a second US company is preparing its own launch to the lunar surface.

Texas-based space flight company Intuitive Machines is preparing for a Valentine’s Day launch of its Nova-C Odysseus lander.

The 675kg spacecraft will blast off on board SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

In the UK, water bosses could be set to lose out on their annual bonuses if the company they run causes environmental damage, such as letting sewage spill into rivers and onto beaches.

It’s something campaigners have been calling for, and now Environment Secretary Stephen Barclay said it was time water company bosses “took responsibility”.

According to Surfers Against Sewage, there were close to 400,000 discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers in 2022.

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