Standard: the reasons which pushed Pierre Locht to resign

Locht felt that the American owner's mode of operation was no longer tenable and that the prospects were not encouraging, at the same time that he was becoming increasingly frustrated. Regularly, when he had alerted the managers of 777 Partners of Standard's difficulties, he had been asked to be patient, while the sale of Everton was completed. But the sale of the English club never took place and the problems were not resolved. It became obvious to the CEO that resignation was the only possible outcome.

Faced with this resignation, Don Dransfield, the CEO of the football branch, asked to keep the decision confidential, so as not to add problems to problems. An agreement for legal notice was reached and Dransfield asked Locht to remain at the helm of the club while the transition was put in place, assuring him that changes would come.

He will carry out the work until a new shareholder arrives

Concretely, Pierre Locht will therefore remain as CEO for the duration of his notice period, hoping that a new shareholder will arrive. He is however ready, it is said, to continue his mission if a new shareholder is not yet at the head of the club when he reaches the end of his notice period, but under certain conditions. He also assured staff of his desire to remain fully involved with the club.

One of the reasons which pushed Pierre Locht to communicate with the staff was the release of Jean-Michel Javaux, on his social networks, to explain that he too had submitted his resignation as administrator, which was also refused. It seems that Javaux, hearing of Locht's resignation in April, followed suit. With the news of Javaux's resignation made public, the fear that staff would be made aware of the agreement between Locht and Dransfield became great. Which explains why Pierre Locht warned the staff, to prevent them from finding out about it from the outside world.

First contacts with B Riley

In the immediate future, how will things go? The operation of the club, as long as it can still function correctly, will always be ensured by Pierre Locht. The company B Riley, responsible for the external audit on behalf of 777 Partners, has for its part made contact with the Standard, to take stock of the situation. As a reminder, the audit must make it possible to clarify the spectrum of activities of the American company, in great financial difficulty and under attack in court in the United States.

Can football clubs still be in business? A priori no, and the search for new investors is underway, contacts having been made. However, this could take time, which will not make daily life easier for the club, which must prepare for next season. Meetings are still planned soon with B Riley, to clarify the situation and give an idea of ​​what will be possible to do, or not, in anticipation of next season. At Standard, we still hope for clear communication in the coming days.

The players have not yet been paid

The vagueness is more total than ever while the players' salaries have not yet been paid or in any case have not arrived in full on the accounts. If Pierre Locht has submitted his resignation, Fergal Harkin is still in office, officially. The sports director, abroad these days, continues to prepare for the future, the club is assured.

A sequel that Pierre Locht will follow closely for a few more months, before leaving a club where he arrived more than ten years ago, under the presidency of Roland Duchâtelet. He had climbed all the ranks up to that of CEO, who has now resigned. But more than the departure of its CEO, Standard needs a new shareholder. How long ? This could still take some time…

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